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    October 05, 17
  • Nagma
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    Gunday is a story about two childhood friends (Bikram and Bala played by Ranveer and Arjun respectively) who grow-up during the 70s. Out of extreme poverty, they adopt illegal practices of selling coal and becoming successful coal and other commodities' illegal trading mafia in Calcutta.
    Newly appointed ACP played by Irfaan Khan has been given the task to put these two 'Gundays' behind bars.Then the movie takes a new turn with both mafias falling in love with a local cabaret dancer - Nandita played by Priyanka which leads to a separation and enemity between the two friends.
    Frankly speaking, the movie is not able to take any particular direction. After watching the film you will wonder what exactly the movie wanted to portray?
    60% of the movie show Ranveer and Arjun running together to beat up other mafias or to jump on coal wagons or running against each other to fight among themseleves. They do not speak a word of Bengali, rather Ranveer has that Gujrati accent (too much after effect of Ramleela) and does not miss showing off his abs.
    Arjun does not miss any opportunity to give wicked smiles. Priyanka looks extremely beautiful but when you see the entire movie, you will agree that her character is quite over the top but please! do not try to find any logic as you will be only wasting your time on that.
    Irfaan plays his part well as usual but after watching him in 'the lunchbox' and 'Paan Singh Tomar' , I want to know why he wanted to play this supporting role?
    Director tries to put forward a story which is full of Bollywood masala and melodrama. One needs a lot of patience to watch the movie especially, the second half.
    All in all the movie neither gets deep into the story of illegal trading nor it explores how the two illiterate mafias build an empire and exercise so much of muscle power.
    Alas! Sorry to say,few good songs and dhishum dhishum does not echo any 'ghantiyaan' in my heart!

    April 06, 14