• Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    There are bed bits with generous displays of slithering lingerie on chest-and-thigh, and surprisingly for a time when ‘boldness’ is being dealt with by archaic moral standards, lots of open mouth-and-tongue action.

  • When all is said and done, it becomes clear that this attempted sequel is nothing more than a damp squib which fails to do justice to the high standards set by the earlier parts of the series.

  • Rohit Vats
    Rohit Vats
    Hindustan Times


    Hate Story 3 can boast of some fast paced editing and cool tunes. However, as a Kumar Sanu fan, I am still scarred by the newer version of ‘Tumhe apna banane ki kasam khayi hai’. It’s actually the film’s sleek editing which manages to keep the audience on their seats till the end credits. Hate Story 3 is not a bad watch — if you’re looking for some mindless fun.

  • Rohit Bhatnagar
    Rohit Bhatnagar
    Deccan Chronicle


    Hate Story 3 has so many twists that after a while you start recollecting Abbas Mustan’s hit multi-starer thriller Race. Director Vishal Pandya’s story is complex but the way it is narrated is laughable. Once the film is on the verge of unfolding the truth, you are bound to feel that Hate Story 3 is a modified version of films like Raqeeb and Race with a little altered climax.

  • Hate Story 3 is not the film that you hate when it ends; you hate yourself for venturing out to watch such a film.

  • IANS


    Hate Story pushes the envelope so hard, all the contents spill out in a torrential tumble of tantalising power-play set within the world of corporate battles and gender conflicts. This is a most riveting and aesthetic saga of a woman’s revenge against the man who’s wronged her since RK Nayyar’s Inteqaam – except for the fact that Paoli does things Sadhana in Nayyar’s film could have never imagined.

  • Meena Iyer
    Meena Iyer
    Times Of India


    …while the film is good-looking, the plot is convoluted. There’s bizarre justification for the poison-ivy women and avaricious despots. But then again, these sequels are about erotica being served piping hot Bollywood style.

  • There are some laugh-out-loud moments when the screenplay plummets to the absolute depths of Bollywood inanity. Apart from such moments of hilarity, “Hate Story 3” has absolutely nothing going for it.

  • At the end of the day, watch Hate Story 3 only if you want to, and if you’ve enjoyed the other two films in the franchise.

  • Hate Story 3 is a shoddy attempt at serving a erotic revenge drama. You will Hate yourself for wasting your time on this Hate Story.

  • …has a combo of skin show as well as melodious music which adds tremendous value to the project. This film has the potential to woo the masses and the youth, thus springing a big surprise at the ticket window. The film will turn out to be a profitable venture for its makers.

  • Rachit Gupta
    Rachit Gupta


    Hate Story 3 is a small-budget thriller that’s designed with the specific idea of catering to the needs of its audience. With the right amount of oomph and risqué content, you can laugh all the way to the bank. Perhaps it doesn’t matter that those paying money won’t be as amused.

  • …has kept the interest alive in this series.

  • This movie is definitely a front bencher’s delight.

  • Subhash K Jha
    Subhash K Jha


    Here is every Indians ultimate tolerance test: sit through this film. I dare you.

  • Tanul Thakur
    Tanul Thakur


    The Hate Story movies, due to their box office success, have become a legit series now. This wouldn’t have been as troubling had these films been good erotica, but they are, at best, bland potboilers. It may not say a lot about these films, but it does say something about us: How repressed are we? Now that’s not an easy question to answer.

  • Hate Story 3 adds up to zilch. If there is anything I’ve said so far that might for a moment suggest that this film has ANY redeeming factors, let me say it loud and clear here: it does not.

  • Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta's Blog


    On the whole, Hate Story 3 is a very ordinary and routine fare but it definitely has skin show and intimate scenes to lure the masses and youngsters to the cinemas in the first weekend. Given its lovely start, it will prove to be above-average.

  • Shishir Gautam
    Shishir Gautam


    I think I have one word for Hate Story 3 – atrocious! Watch and decide.

  • IANS
    Zee News


    Performances apart, it is the story that is a hackneyed one, oft seen in Bollywood and no attempt has been made to handle it differently either. The script is shoddy and is poorly executed. 

    The characters are one-dimensional and lack depth.

  • Kunal Guha
    Kunal Guha
    Mumbai Mirror


    There are films you love and those you hate. This one falls in the third, the ones you’d love to hate.

  • Zehra Abbas
    Zehra Abbas
    Fully Hyderabad


    Watch Hate Story 3 only if you are willing to accept copious amounts of skin show as compensation for this train-wreck.

  • Namrata Joshi
    Namrata Joshi
    The Hindu


    Things get way too predictable with twists and turns that are a yawn. The dialogue is cringeworthy with archaic gems like “Kab tak bekasoor auraton ke aanchal ke peeche chhupta rahega” (How long will you hide behind an innocent woman). If you were to take the film seriously then women who possess brains along with beauty are dangerous. The plot, incidentally, is Maggi-inspired. How?

  • Rakesh Jha
    Rakesh Jha


    Both Zarine and Daisy were supposed to make the film a sleaze-fest, but their acting only contributed in making Hate Story a snooze-fest. However, Zarine takes the cake as the most wooden performer of the film despite the fact that it is she who will draw crowd to theatres.

  • The erotic revenge thriller takes the audiences through relationships, love, hatred and vengeance and you can give it a shot this Friday!

  • Zarine and Daisy’s acting skills make you curse Salman Khan for having introduced them to the world. Vishal throws in a few twists but they fail to hold one’s attention. His biggest failure is the weak narrative, the flow of which is often broken by songs that don’t deserve a listen. In a nutshell, “Hate Story 3” is so bad it makes “MSG: The Messenger” look good.

  • If you are still alive at the end of the film, you would notice a book in apna Bravo’s house. It reads Isaac Newton. That makes perfect sense. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, subtly establishing it as a revenge story. Errr NOT!

  • If you do decide on watching it, do so for the dialogues. They are gems. The film evokes hate of another level. It is vile, disgusting and you’ll repeat what a character says – just get me get out of this goddamn place. It gives bad a new meaning.

  • There simply isn’t enough here for 131 minutes. Sharman Joshi looks pained throughout at the prospect of having to profess undying love for Zarine Khan, deal with Daisy Shah’s incompetence, and pretend that Grover is a dastardly villain.

  • …it has gripping suspense which keeps you hooked till the end and also for the good performances by the lead actors. 

  • In short, if you liked “Hate Story” and loved “Hate Story 2” (and thrillers should be cerebral and logical), then “Hate Story 3” will be a complete anti-climax despite the smart mounting. Go home and think, and you will realize that the film conned you — of the believable story that it could so easily have narrated within the same context.