• Shalini Langer
    Shalini Langer
    Indian Express


    As is the bane of many a Hindi film, High Jack repeats one joke too many, and in seeking an ending where its characters all look good in that much-told rich-vs-poor tale, does ultimate injustice to them.

  • Lasyapriya Sundaram
    Lasyapriya Sundaram
    Times Of India


    The film’s music by an ensemble set of musicians, including Nucleya, manages to hit the right notes though. ‘High Jack’ parades itself as a stoner comedy but after viewing it, you’d be left wondering if you need to be intoxicated to enjoy this cock-and-bull story. Even by the standards of stoner comedies, this one’s like a school skit.

  • IANS


    t all kind flattens out into a noisy mess towards the end. A kind of what-if-Neerja-had-no-script rudderless romp into air turbulence. But nonetheless, it is fun while it lasts because some of the actors seem to have a blast. The others seem to have come along just for the fun. And we can’t help getting their point of view completely. High Jack is a fun for a while. Before it loses its plot.