• If you like stories about complicated relationships, this might be the ticket for you.

  • Yeah those typical Americanized dysfunctions, warts and all, are exposed quite liberally here and while it’s not entirely boring it’s not all that funny either. As Valentines Day bait though, this might just about manage to get a foot in.

  • BookMyShow Team
    BookMyShow Team


    Not only are the characters well­-written, they are relatable. You can get caught up in the feel­s-good-to-be-single spirit, and find yourself wanting to dance in the ‘no drama’ party scenes! This chick flick puts a smile on your face while making you “good at being alone”.

  • The episodic screenplay barely hangs together, and many of the characters are poorly fleshed out. But the performances are strong, particularly by Johnson, Mann and Wilson, some of the observations on the battle of the sexes are acute, and the intimate camerawork brings us closer to the characters, particularly Alice, than we usually would.

  • It relies heavily on rom-com tropes, but it’s a perfect Valentine’s Day weekend viewing choice – whether you’re in a committed relationship or simply enjoying the single life.