• Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
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    I Am Kalam. A smart kid from a village in Jaiselmar, Rajasthan finds his inspiration in President APJ Abdul Kalam to grow big in life. He works at a small restaurant run by his uncle played surprisingly perfect by Bollywood bad man Gulshan Grover, he befriends with a rich boy of his age and a French tourist lady who help him with many things. In fact, he has the ability to learn instantly and make friends for lifetime. The whole movie is crafted with so much of love, simplicity, affection and honesty that is hard to resist. What works more in favor is short run-time of one and half hours and convincing, solid acting by all actors. There are numerous scenes that will stay with you forever. This does not blow your mind off, doesn't try to create sympathy for children forced to work and deprived of education. What it tries to say that it does not matter how small you were when you started, you can always grow big if you follow your dreams. Don't miss it, it's a touching mini classic.

    February 22, 14
  • Sourav
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    Very Nice Movie. Adding Inspiration to the kids to do something with will power and interest. Must watch for those who likes sensible movies.

    August 08, 15