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    Reviewing Inside Out!
    What will happen if EMOTIONS will have EMOTIONS?
    Inside Out is not just an animated cartoon feature film, it’s a life lesson for all of us.

    The movie teaches us the way of living a life through the help of movie characters (which in fact are EMOTIONS inside our head!). It tells us an entertaining story so we can self evaluate us in difficult or unimaginable situations. It tells to stay Joyful in any situation, it tells us that sometimes Sadness is also essential but not more; just a tiny winy of it! It tells us not to make such decisions that will ruin our future!

    The movie revolves around FIVE characters (Emotions) such as Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness are living inside the area called Headquarters in a mind-area of a 13 year old girl named Riley. Based on their own discussions and actions, these emotions are controlling the actual actions of Riley. It is shown beautifully that each living person or animal is having the same kind of emotions in their own head. And each moment one of those emotions is having a control over persons’ behavior. The screenplay then takes a turn and the two of Riley’s emotions, Joy and Sadness goes missing in an area called Long Term memories which is located away from main Headquarter location. Then the story takes us on typical out-of-imagination journey of “Pixar Animated Marvel” and movie ends with Joy and Sadness returning to Headquarters area safe and sound.

    Pixar always tries to stretch our imaginations upto Horizon and beyond, with touching viewer’s emotions and this time they have hit hard! Viewers will relate with the dialogues between 5 emotions in Riley’s head with the situations they have experienced. It can give us strength to choose the right over wrong. The screenplay and dialogues are as good as any of the Pixar film. The story is so good, that we may feel that it should have more duration than it actual duration!

    It’s a must watch for “Pixar Lovers”!
    P.S. :- Viewers this time will have lovely Pixar surprise as the musical short animated film named LAVA is attached before the actual movie. So all the people going in theaters, do reach on time and enjoy the short film Lava and feature film Inside Out both in one ticket!

    July 17, 15
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    The movie tells us something important which we ignore...i.e. Sadness. Yes, being sad is also important to live and to move on in life. I would recommend everybody to watch this classic movie.

    February 16, 16