• Varun
    1 review

    I think Insidious 3 does not pretend to be something its not , it does not pretend to be like other movies in the genre like "The conjuring" or "The Babadook." Insidious is what it is.

    So is it an entertaining movie ? Yes , it absolutely is ! I has an amazing storyline , which has some amazing twists and several interesting characters , and It is the way the storylines of the different characters contribute to the Climax is what really makes the movie shine . Lin Shaye , who potrays Elise has done a great Job of bringing the character to life , the other actors Lin Dermot Mulroney as Sean Brenner and Stefanie Scott as Quinn Brenner also play decently. The film relies on many jump scares throughout , which surpisingly don't putt off the audience but leave the audience wanting for more. Aside from jump scares it has tense moments that build up the tension gradually. Nicely done. How ever the movie tries to be more "bad ass" than "perfect." which may be a positive or a negative depending upon individual tastes.

    July 01, 15