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    Kingsman: The Secret Service, a film by Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, Kick Ass, X-Men First Class fame), is a Spy Action film and based upon the acclaimed comic book ‘The Secret Service’. It reflects upon the story of a top-level secret spy organization Kingsman. Its existence is unknown to the world. Matthew has made an engaging film. If you love action films, you are going to enjoy the elaborate fight scenes, grand spy trickery and the fun part incorporated in this movie. There are snazzy and frequently outrageous gadgets, like the exploding pen, umbrella and shoe knife, the bulletproof suits, and a villain who has a scheme to end the world for the benefit of mankind.

    The opening shot is in the Middle East, where a Kingsman secret agent Harry Hart aka Galahad (Colin Firth) and his team is in a mission and one of the team member sacrifices his own life so as to save the whole team. Harry personally meets the agent’s widow and child, Eggsy and hands him over a medal which has a phone number. Harry conveys that he can be contacted at the given phone number using a coded message.

    Then the frames move to 17 years later. James Arnold, a scientist is kidnapped by the assailants working for internet billionaire Richmond Valentine. Harry’s team mate Lancelot comes to rescue James Arnold but is killed by Valentine’s aide Gazelle, an assassin with bladed prosthetic legs.

    Eggsy (Taron Egerton), now grown up to an unemployed young adult, lives with his mother, half-sister kid, and abusive step father. He is eccentric and leading an aimless life despite being intelligent and capable. He did not complete his training for the Royal Marines. Eggsy when found himself in a trouble happens to contact the number on the back of the medal and that is when Harry Hart comes to Eggsy for his support. Harry convinces Eggsy to apply for vacancy created in Kingsman in the wake of Lancelot’s death. After initial reluctance, Eggsy joins a group of other candidates, who have to undergo various tests before qualifying to be “Lancelot” under the supervision of Merlin, a senior Kingsman. Filtering of these candidates is done by throwing various challenges in front of them.

    But the real challenge in front of Kingsman was the villain Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson), who believes that humanity is a virus and global warming is the fever. He intends to exterminate people so as to stop this threat to the environment.

    How Valentine tries to execute his nasty plans and how Kingsman fights the same form the rest of the story. Is Eggsy able to overcome all the challenges thrown in front of him during training / screening? Is Eggsy able to join Kingsman finally? How Harry mentors Eggsy? Who all forms the team to disrupt Valentine’s plans?

    Kingsman- The Secret Service’s execution makes it an enjoyable experience.

    March 04, 15
  • Dev
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    "Kingsman" Directed by Matthew Vaughn is an entertaining one that has very good cast and Vaughn mostly succeeds in mixing the humour to the old school bond stories.This movie had style like his previous films but the major problem is its consistency or you can say screenplay.Action in this movie is super cool but sometimes its over the top or mindless but the execution is perfect.

    March 04, 15