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    Listen Amaya is a story about a young lady named Amaya (played by Swara Bhaskar) whose mother,Leela (played by Deepti Nava) owns and manages a coffee shop.
    Leela, a widow since 12 years and Jayant, a photographer and a regular visitor at the coffee shop (played by late Farooq Sheikh) develop a special bond between themselves.
    Now the challenge is to make Amaya empathize and accept this relationship between her mother and Jayant.
    Movie revolves around the mental turmoil faced by all the three characters after Amaya learns about her mother's new found love. It is needless to say that no one would have been a better choice for the role of Leela and Jayant. The pairing of Farooq and Deepti would remind you of their 'Chashmebadoor' days.Swara Bhaskar fits quite well in her character.
    Film moves on a slow pace basically providing room for all possible arguments, discussions, debates among all the characters.I must say that this movie challenges the natural instinct of not leaving behind our past especially our fond memories and also tragic moments.
    Such small budget movies somehow get lost under the aggressive promotions of the big banner movies.
    I happened to watch this movie last weekend on TV. Thanks to Doordarshan!
    Although, this was one of Farooq Sheikh's last movies before his demise, he shall remain young and alive in millions of our hearts forever.

    April 08, 14