• “Lone Survivor” is a well-constructed ‘gory war porn’ that camouflages an error of judgment on moralistic grounds and glorifies American patriotism. It’s a realistic, gruesome depiction of war that’ll stay with you long after the lights come back on.

  • Troy Ribeiro
    Troy Ribeiro
    Indian Express


    Overall though heart-wrenching, brutal and life-affirming, the film due to the glamourisation of the conflict exhibits a “Hollywood feel” to a realistic narration.

  • Lone Survivor is Hollywood’s Lakshya — except, without the spunk, the entertainment factor and Hrithik Roshan. This is not a film. This is a test; And of all the people I sat in the theatre with, I think I have emerged the lone survivor.

  • The film never once ventures into partisanship or jingoism. The fact that war really is hell is always kept front and centre throughout. Tobia Schliesser’s cinematography is brilliant. This one’s an adrenaline- packed ride all the way.

  • If you enjoy a good war film then Lone Survivor won’t disappoint. Watch it for the terrific cast and some intense battle scenes.

  • Rohit Khilnani
    Rohit Khilnani
    India Today


    Not many may like the fact that Afghan villagers are the heroes here but this film says the story as it is. Berg does a marvelous job. His team of muscle men Mark Wahlberg, Tylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster and Eric Bana make the film look real. Lone Survivor is pulled out of the real world and it’s unforgettable!

  • Sachin Chatte
    Sachin Chatte
    The Navhind Times


    One can make a guess that virtually every second mission in Iraq, Afghanistan or in all conflict zones is a story waiting to be told. What I am not sure is, if it can be made into an engrossing cinematic experience as this one.

  • Teena Elizabeth
    Teena Elizabeth


    Though the movie starts off slow-paced, it gains momentum as soon as the disastrous Operation Red Wing gets under way. Lone Survivor is an impressive war movie that is fast-paced, intense, intriguing, enduring, taut, realistic and one that definitely deserves your time.

  • Like most films of its type, Lone Survivor works fine as long as its characters maintain their fingers on the trigger and keep the armaments industry in the black. It’s when they stop firing and start looking around them that the overall lack of geopolitical sensitivity becomes painfully apparent.