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    I don't like to overstate the films which I find the most menacing, the most close to my heart. And yet, there's something about cinema about cinema which keeps me talking about it, keeps me writing frequently about it. That's the beauty and confidence of the film "Luck By Chance" which makes me keeping recommending it. It's not a classic like the other film of this decade, the wonderful "Lagaan" is, but it definitely comes across to me, for it's awesome writing and frankly complex, nuanced and layered characters, that it soars so much as a slow-burning, yet suprisingly old-fashioned film about shooting struggles at the film capital of Bollywood. It also benefits from it's extremely languid, leisurely unfolding, smart dialogue, biting emotions and heartfelt acting by Farhan Akhter and especially the memorable Konkona Sensharma.

    I've rarely been appreciating and falling so much for a beautified, extremely propelling and uplifting film, which I've found to be a perfect one despite being so compellingly melodramatic. It's fascinating how only in her directorial debut itself, Zoya Akhter has established herself as the finest storyteller in her family. She has made an enchanting Bollywood movie to savor for ages.

    April 13, 20