• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    'Makkhi' directed by SS Rajamouli is the best Indian film of the year. Not only is it fun and consistent, it is sweet and thrilling. Not only is it one of the best romantics this year, but also a well-made thriller whjch capitalizes the character of an insect.
    The performances by Nani, Samantha Akkineni and Kichcha Sudeepa are engrossing till the end. Rajamouli holds tight with the script, and the film, stays true to the entertainment factor.
    Its a big four out of five for 'Makkhi', despite little contrivances, it is a blockbuster in each meaning the word has.

    September 20, 19
  • Bubbly
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    Here comes the super (hero) makkhi. A David against Goliath. A mere pest against a mighty man. A symbolic Ram against Ravan (Dussheha is coming). A saviour for Mother India against the corrupt. A courageous house-fly with fire in its belly. A universal animated hero that anyone around the world can relate to. Language is no barrier for this is speaking a universal language that is being lapped up as it is being dished out. And our Hindi film heroes can never match it, for it is miles ahead already garnered crores in Telugu (Eega), Tamil (Naane) and Malayalam (Eeche) versions. Can anyone be so powerful? When one watches this makkhi, one can safely says, YES.

    Nani, a fireworks maker loves his neighbour Bindu (Samantha Ruth Prabhu), a micro artist. Although he confesses his love to her, she lightly flirts with him. In walks Sudeep (Sudeep), an industrialist, womaniser and a crack shot, who doesn’t mind killing for gain. And he takes a liking for Bindu. when he finds Nani in his way, he cold-bloodedly murders him but not before Nani hears Bindu confessing her love for him and not before Nani threatens Sudeep to not touch Bindu or else... That love confession infuses a new will in dead Nani only to be reincarnated as a fly. Revenge is on its way. And the only on-screen animal revenge story that comes close to it is dog Moti from Teri Meherbaniyan (1985). This fly will stop at nothing. It is fearless. Size doesn’t matter. Intention does.

    Sudeep’s days become numbered (literally). The fly confesses, "I will kill you." Sudeep takes refuge under various covers but is no match for the ’might’ of the fly. For it is fight to finish. Even a tantrik is no match to trap the reincarnated soul. The fly is out to show its animated power and how. It keeps you riveted. It spells out its identity to Bindu in her tears. And Bindu goes all out to help the makkhi to do or die. And the makkhi does both. It won’t let Sudeep eat, sleep or anything else in peace. Things come to such a boil that it is David vs Goliath. David dies but takes Goliath along with him. And David is again re-born as a fly to protect Bindu. Can you imagine a fly doing exercise, carrying mini bucket, dancing to Salman Khan’s towel dance or uttering Ajay Devgan’s Singham dialogue "Aate Majhi Satakle". Even Akshay Kumar Chinta Ta Chita from Rowdy Rathore is there for this fly to flap its wings too. And it is truly awesome with its mighty needle. A pose that will never be erased from public memory. The valiant fly dies fighting. Life returns when the fly is re-born. This makkhi is more real than the real one. Nani is good in a miniscule role. And Samantha is cute, thousand times better than our over-painted heroines. She is dew-fresh. Sudeep is natural as a villain. The only thing that jars is the dubbing. In between suddenly, the original Tamil is heard. Even lip-sync goes missing. But this is forgotten after the MAKKHI appears. Har koi makkhi banna chahega. Ek makkhi aadmi ko chuha bana deti hai.

    August 13, 13
  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
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    The wild idea converted into a wonderful fantasy. Hard to believe it's an indian work of cinematic art. If same movie would have been made my Pixar, it might have received the best oscar for live animation and I am not talking about animation technology here, I am talking about the character of Makkhi which at the end feels like a superhero.

    The idea was a winner but the screenplay was so rich in imagination that it makes you believe whatever happens on screen. At one time when tantrik came into the picture, I thought they are going to ruin the fun but I am glad I was wrong. Hats off to the director and his team.

    May 24, 13