• CinemaLead Team
    CinemaLead Team


    Looking into the major plus of the film is last 15 minutes of the movie that happens in court room with more serious and intense situation. Visuals by DOP Madhi is really outstanding. We get to see Chennai in a different and new perspective. Prakash Raj and Radharavi are the greatest showstoppers. On the flip side, the first half is really slow with unwanted portions and songs in second half hamper the screenplay.

  • Gautaman Bhaskaran
    Gautaman Bhaskaran
    Hindustan Times


    While Prakash Raj outshines Irani in the Hindi version with his extraordinarily power-packed dialogue delivery, which greatly enlivens the dramatic events in court, Stalin is no match for Warsi, whose bumbling, dream-driven guy in a black jacket was such a pleasure to watch. And, Radharavi too pales in comparison to Shukla, whose characterisation of a bored judge was so nuanced with hitherto unseen mannerisms that I was floored.

  • Anupama Subramanian
    Anupama Subramanian
    Deccan Chronicle


    An honest attempt and a feel good film that is worth a watch!

  • Overall, director Ahmed’s Manithan is a rather ordinary remake of a brilliant film.

  • Manithan works because of the casting and the fact that one lawyer from nowhere decides to fight for justice for the have-nots. It’s a feel-good film that has you rooting for the weak and shows you that being a manithan (human) is important.

  • Raisa Nasreen
    Raisa Nasreen


    An interesting satire on the Indian Judiciary system…

  • On the whole, Manithan is watchable and works because it has heart. Make time for it this weekend.

  • Manithan generally hovers in the hmmm-not-all-that-bad-zone because it’s such a crowd-pleasing script.

  • Climax dialogues, especially long ones loaded with sentiment are a sure winner with audience. You will spot a similar closure in this drama. In case of Manithan, if that dialogue had been coupled with convincing judicial aspects, the output could have been even impacfful. Nevertheless, overall an enjoyable fare!

  • A neat remake of an engaging court drama, Manithan is a job well done from its makers.