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    'Maqbool' is a compellingly made, competently acted and skilled film about love, loss and faith which transcends the boundaries of religious politics. Vishal Bharadwaj stages this quietly moving drama with such affecting touch that you feel a punch on your gut.

    This gripping, taut and brisk gangster thriller that, despite the reading of Shakespearean drama 'Macbeth', shall intrigue you and leave you with a hollow mouth and an empty stomach. The only fault with the film is that it's awfully long. But that's only fault in this almost classic.

    Watch it for the fresh performances, particularly by the heart-stealing Irfan Khan and a confident Tabu, the soul-stirring Pankaj Kapoor and the directorial craft of it's storyteller Vishal Bharadwaj.

    March 24, 20