• One of the important films of Hindi cinema. Although it messes up its length, there are some touching scenes not to be missed. My Name is Khan has many messages and not just an ‘Autism Alert’ and ‘Terror Alert’. Go for it and enjoy interpreting.

  • Mayank Shekhar
    Mayank Shekhar
    Hindustan Times


    Forrest Gump in its scope, Rain Man in its approach, slightly convenient in its ‘Bollywood opera’, world-class in its photographic treatment (Ravi K Chandran), more sorted than Kurban (from the same producer, along a similar theme); you can sense, throughout, honesty in the film’s purpose.
    There is least empathy for a problem you haven’t faced yourself. This film expresses that well. Being looked down as Muslim is at some level a global reality. Prejudices are part of human DNA, Americans being no exceptions.

  • Undeniably, Rizwan is the essence of ‘My Name Is Khan.’ In Rizwan, Shah Rukh gives a stellar, heartfelt and endearing performance. And yes, the SRK-Kajol chemistry still works wonders! ‘MNIK’ is a must watch film. A treat for Shah Rukh-Kajol fans!

  • Before you get an impression that it’s all dead serious… No, no it’s not. No, no. It’s highly entertaining, it’s as mainstream and popular as Hindi cinema gets with the romance, song and dance, sight-seeing tourist attractions, music cues that trigger off the tear-glands and Shah Rukh Khan quips that will make you laugh whole-heartedly. His chemistry with a fantastic Kajol (Tere Naina is so goddamned romantic) alone is worth the price of admission but this film gives you much, much more.