• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    Apparently in this terrific Amol Palekar film it was Shahrukh's character which was romancing Rani but it wasn't Shahrukh who was romancing Rani. The film, which blends a horror comedy with romance, is about a village in Rajasthan where the businessman husband of a woman is out for expanding the business and making money for the household for five years, and meanwhile a ghost who has fallen for the woman disguises himself as her husband and makes love with her. This film established Shahrukh Khan as a romance hero in a special way- because he can turn the pink lights on even in the most unconventional settings. Of course the film hasn't come up with a generally good romantic environment, but the way this 'ghost' loves is charming.

    October 20, 19
  • محمد المطيري
    محمد المطيري
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    This movie was excellent, first movie to be probably be not influenced by Hollywood, I think that is one of the several things that made me want to see this movie.
    Excellent in all aspects and I hope to see Bollywood doing similar things in the future. Shah Rukh and Rani once again proved their work to be at the highest level of all celebrities. I own the DVD now and I watch every once in awhile, the dialogues were great, as is the scenery, the costumes, the screenplay, the songs and everyone in the movie. It definitely put a spell on me, such a beautiful love story. Amazingly portrayed, I would definitely read the book.

    November 25, 16