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    PURANI JEANS: Coming Of Age In Today's Times Purani Jeans is a coming of age film that is based on the premise, "friendship is like a pair of old jeans - the older it gets, the better it becomes". Who can forget childhood friends, love, jealousy, feeling wanted and loved and carefree days!

    Sidhath Roy Sid(Tanuj Virwani) is a shy, quiet young man who returns to his hometown Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh from New York after 12 long years. He has memories of a rich past among friends and has lot of catching up to do. But there are misunderstands with his best friend Samuel Joseph Lawrence Sam (Aditya Seal) that he has to settle.

    And this is what happens in the summer - it becomes one where things become perfect and matters come to a conclusive end. The boys become men - finally. The other three friends - Balwinder Singh Shekawat Bobby(Param Baidwaan), Susheel Sharma Suzy(Raghav Raj Kakker) and Tejinder Singh Kathuria Tino(Kashyap Kapoor) provide a perfect foil for the events to unfold.

    Among this tale of friends, in walks Nayantara Sapru(Izabelle Leite), who comes to spend a cool summer at the hill station from Mumbai. And she creates excitement by her mere presence. She is glue that fastens the unbreakable bond of friendship among friends.

    Finally misunderstandings result in a happy ending. For friendship is like wine, the older it gets the better it becomes.

    Revive the golden days gone by. Friendship never dies. Memories never fade. The movie strengthens the unbreakable bond. And youth lends it a fresh charm. The songs are like icing on the cake. A visual treat that rocks the heart.

    Some relationships never die. Like true friendships.

    May 21, 15