• Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
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    "Same old formula but with a bigger star & more ways to bust money!!!"

    The eagerly anticipated World Cup is finally here & we have already witnessed a couple of high quality matches. With Eid ul Fitr also celebrated leading to the weekend, it has been an entertaining weekend. To add to the festivities, we have the customary Salman Khan movie hitting the screens & this time it happens to be "Race 3" which promises to be an all out action entertainer. So will it claim the numero uno spot in the box office just like how Federer achieved the No.1 ranking at Stuttgart???

    Shamsher Singh (Anil Kapoor) was one of the leading arms & narcotics dealer in the world and ran his empire in the Middle East. He was assisted in his endeavours by his nephew Sikandar (Salman Khan) whom he trusted more than his own twin children, Sanjana (Daisy Shah) & Suraj (Saqib Saleem). This naturally makes them harbour bad blood towards Sikander & plots his downfall. However, Sikander were always a step ahead of them & kept them in check with the help of his trusted lieutenant, Yash (Bobby Deol). At around this juncture, Shamsher gets wind of a hard disk that contained sexual adventures of top Indian politicians & decides to blackmail them in exchange for favours to establish his empire in the country. However, the twins found it as an opportunity to eliminate Sikander. But it was much easier said than done.

    Believe it or not, but it's been a decade since the "Race" franchise began with the director duo Abbas-Mustan having directed the first two installments. However, unlike the previous ventures; the latest movie has no connection with the others except for the title. It is helmed by Remo D'Souza, who in my opinion is an excellent choreographer but a mediocre director. For the audience who have followed the "Race" series, they will be aware that the basic template will be a potpourri of style, glamour, double crossing & pulsating action sequences & that pattern is religiously maintained (or rather taken up a couple of notches) by Shiraz Ahmed. No one expects logic in such movies but even then it doesnt offer anything that captivates us. The action sequences choreographed by Tom Struthers (of "Inception", "Dark Knight" & "Dunkirk" fame, was top notch while Ayanika Bose deserves praise for the visuals but Salim Sulaiman's music was average.

    It's an all out Salman movie & he has given the masses what they needed with a power packed action flick. Anil Kapoor is the only one who has survived from the beginning & has given an earnest performance. Bobby Deol makes a comeback from wilderness with a toned physique but seems like he forgot to flex his facial muscles. As for the rest, none of the performances deserves mention but kudos to Jacqueline & Daisy for the effort they invested in combat scenes.

    Verdict: Despite being panned by the critics, the movie galloped to the 100C club in just 3 days. With "Sanju", still a fortnight away, it should race itself to some mind boggling numbers. If you are in for some cool action sequences, then you wont be disappointed but dont expect an iota of logic. In short, it offers nothing new apart from exotic locations, fancy cars & Salman!!!

    Rating: 2/5


    June 18, 18
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    There are a lot of kinks in this contrived drama of a vengeful family which only succeeds in creating loud noise. Even the ensemble cast cannot do justice to the story that has no logic or structure, and which also had shades of lowbrow action thrillers we have seen coming out from the West. I have never been so sure at not recommending a film before as I have with Race 3, not because it was a terrible experience, but because there's the horror of a Race 4 in the horizon. And sustaining that would take a lot of courage and determination. Race 3 is a bad "circus show" with the only difference emerging because of the fact that training animals is a crime.

    June 16, 18
  • IMF Starboy
    IMF Starboy
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    Shittiest movie of 2018

    worst movi3 of 2018 maybe in the indian cinema

    December 24, 18
  • Nipan Deka
    Nipan Deka
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    Such a shame for Bollywood industry

    This is the worst Bollywood movie i have ever seen. Trust me, Tubelight, PRDP still better than Race3 😂😂.

    June 16, 18
  • Soham Ghosh
    Soham Ghosh
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    Race 3 is practically not a movie...it is a Salman Khan blockbuster meant only for Salman Khan fans. With a practically unconvincing storyline involving the almighty Sikander, who can do no wrong ; Race 3 is an eye candy movie for only those who are either the fans of Salman Khan or of typical masala movies.

    Despite saying that, Race 3 certainly fulfills your expectations. Although none of the songs are worth to be cherished later, Race 3 includes some breath- taking action scenes involving the perfect use of the stardom of Salman Khan. If you are opting for some masala entertainment, I would suggest you to go and watch this movie. For my case, I will wait till 29 th June for Sanju.

    I would rate this movie 1.5 out of 5.

    June 15, 18
  • Deshbandhu Samarth
    Deshbandhu Samarth
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    Avoidable Ostentatious drag

    A movie without a story can work if at least the action is well crafted and leaves an impression. This has nothing, except for the fact that the action sequences, even if too long, are not bad.

    Unfortunately, the action doesn't carry the story forward, and at the end of the film, you are back to the start, except that you lost 3 hours, some rupees and got a headache in the bargain. I think the best part is getting out of the cinema. The haughty Khan with his flop dialogues can speak them out tapori style and relate to the masses, but the tragedy is that the lingo is supposed to be for well educated, second generation rich, and it doesn't works.

    Everyone got 'The Khan' kind of dialogues, but everyone not being in that class, delivers them like 'fizzled out bombs'. Being a Salman movie, it will probably do well. If 'The Khan' just stands for 3 hours in front of a defocussed camera and delivers a line or two every few minutes, he could still garner some claps, appreciation from his fans and a Rs 100 Crore in revenues, but that would still be better than this sorry tale of Race3.

    June 16, 18
  • DADAPEER Dadudh
    DADAPEER Dadudh
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    Race3 movie start with a bang you will see in this movie lot of high octane action scenes salmankhan entry with jumping/flying with high background score just Seeti Maar in this particular movie all characters acting action do really well specially Shamsher Anil Kapoor performance very very special lot of thrilling in this whole movie and second off action very high Like a Hollywood movie well made by Tom Heeriye song pull dance of Jacqueline was best. Salman bike Chase was amazing and climax was surprise all characters was two heads one good one bad lot of thrilling in this whole movie.
    One ward:- blockbuster

    June 15, 18