• Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    Yashraj Films turns over a desperately-needed leaf with ‘Rocket Singh’, a film with both art and heart. The not-so-regular story of a regular guy is seldom told right: here, scriptwriter Jaideep Sahni, director Shimit Amin and lead actor Ranbir Kapoor work in tandem to keep it real and grounded and engrossing.

  • Raja Sen
    Raja Sen


    Shimit Amin’s film is an unspectacular one. And it’s quite hard to express just how bloody refreshing that is. Comfortable in its own skin, the film never tries too hard, and while it takes a little while to really get going, it completely eschews glitz and bling.

  • Nikhat Kazmi
    Nikhat Kazmi
    Times Of India


    The winning duo of Shimit Amin and Jaideep Sahni may not be offering you a Chak De India this time round, but they do sculpt some rare moments on celluloid that end up redefining the pursuit of happiness as something more than mainu chaida, chaida, chaida! (I want, want, want!)

  • Mayank Shekhar
    Mayank Shekhar
    Hindustan Times


    You’d much rather stick with this rare Rocket, than an yearlong racket that goes on in the name of filmmaking in Mumbai. Harpreet’s unique honesty in a sales firm goes well in the context of this film within Bollywood itself!

  • …it is up to Ranbir to carry Rocket Singh over its limitations and he rises to the challenge exceedingly well.

    Watch his eyes in the scene in which he first discovers that honesty doesn’t pay in this company or his body language in the scene, in which his grandfather has to come to jail to get him. He is outstanding.

  • The film relies on a simple story by Jaideep Sahni and also some really witty writing, by Sahni again, that is really the soul of the film. In fact, the film is one more example of Sahni’s clear emergence as arguably the best writer in Hindi cinema among the current crop.

  • Kaveree Bamzai
    Kaveree Bamzai
    India Today


    Go watch it to see why even zero has a value. And why Ranbir Kapoor is the future of Mumbai films. An effortless actor, he’s just the perfect embodiment of the times we live in. Confident without being cocky, spirited without being arrogant, hard working if not always gifted, he is the Young Indian we all want to see.

  • Two years after delivering a hit on the hockey fields with CHAK DE INDIA, Shimit Amin returns, this time with business as the field of play. Yet again, he delivers a product with finesse. ROCKET SINGH appeals, endears, and warms the cockles of one’s heart.

  • An adorable experience. A drama-free which by definition includes melodrama-free execution. Super-witty dialogues that are timed superbly. And a plot that flows smoothly. What more can we ask for?