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    The only inspiration to consider this comedy was Vijay Raaz, but it is so lifeless that even the huge list of cast members cannot do anything to save this film.

    I will not go into details as to what the film is about because I myself couldn't understand it. There is apparently a plan masterminded by Pappi (Manoj Bajpayee) to rob rich merchant Diwan's (Anupam Kher) mansion of whatever gold stash the has there. For this purpose, Pappi hires a group of men, who all have to then kick Inspector Tejpal (Kay Kay Menon) out of the scene. The sequences surrounding this plan makes no sense. Kher is shown once in the first half and then disappears. Raaz comes around after 40 minutes and then the film starts spewing expletives like the script is made full out of it.

    There is no single scene anywhere in its 140-minute running time that will attract you to consider the film closely. It is just a bunch of characters fooling around without a clue as to their existence or the purpose. The makers have only relied on the structural old Delhi props and the cheesy language to attract the niche who may also be disappointed by the film's sheer incapability to produce entertainment or induce even a single chuckle.

    BOTTOM LINE: Sanjeev Sharma's "Saat Uchakkey" is one of the highly disappointing films in recent times not because the poor film has no story but because so many good actors have wasted their time on it. You better don't waste yours on this garbage. Skip for life!

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

    October 20, 16