• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    Anand L. Rai's sequel to the 2011 mediocre wedding drama has not changed the title, and added a word. But the same can also be said about the film as a whole. The intent is still out there, but the comment and tonality is sharper, more rustic this time. And it's double fun, and entertainment is all guns blazing! (Yeah, I'm too excited). Set in Kanpur as always, the four years leap says Tanu and Manu have separated ways after a quirky scene at a mental asylum. Kangana Ranaut in what is the best performance by an actress this year plays Tanuja, a woman with a strong will and Haryana's Kusum, a headstrong hockey player who knows what she's doing with her life. The film is a crowd-pleaser in the best sense of word, and gives us two leading ladies to root for, Kangana×2!

    January 25, 20
  • Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
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    Sequels have a tough task to live upto especially when its predecessor has been a blockbuster & more often than not such movies tanks at the box-office. So when the sequel of the 2011 superhit "Tanu Weds Manu" was announced, I would have to admit that I was kinda skeptical. Well was it Anand Rai's tactic to garner a sizable initial on the back of the the prequel's popularity or did it actually have the substance to outdo the former???

    Four years have passed since Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) and Manu (Madhavan) had settled in London before being married under dramatic situations. But all the flair & spark in their marriage seemed to have vanished over this period as they were literally at each other's throats for even trivial matters. Finally unable to take it any longer, Tanu packs her bags & flies back to her hometown of Kanpur, while Manu returns to Delhi. Apart from the sophistication that she had picked up from her life abroad, Tanu was still very much the fire brand that she was & meets up with her old flame Raja Awasthi (Jimmy Shergil). In the meantime, Manu falls for a much younger Haryanvi hockey player in DU, Kusum (Kangana) who bore a striking resemblance to Tanu. Since both seemed comfortable with their present life (or so they felt), they decide to legalise their separation. So was it actually over or did the couple still feel tugs at their heart cords for each other???

    It's been a couple of years since Anand L Rai had made his presence felt with his previous release being the critically acclaimed "Raanjhanaa". Anywaz he is back with his latest venture "Tanu Weds Manu Returns" which as the name suggests is the sequel. So has he been able to make it live upto expectations??? Hell yeah...it works big time primarily due to Himanshu Sharma's hilarious screenplay which keeps us engaged even though the basic thread is kinda predictable. In the technical department, just as in the prequel; adequate attention has been paid to dialects & art direction. The same also applies to Chirantan's visuals which were realistic while Hemal Kothari ensured that the film didn't test the patience of the audience.

    Just as in the prequel, Kangana rocks here as well & that too, in a double role which is no mean task as the actor have to ensure that he/she tries to make it as distinct as possible apart from just the physical differences. She ensured that Kusum wasn't only about a pixie hair style & exhibited her talent with a pronounced body language & dialogue delivery. Madhavan has also done a fine job & doesn't get overshadowed by Kangana. However, I felt the best lines of the movie were for Deepak Dobriyal (as Pappi) who was brilliant while the rest of the cast such as Jimmy Shergill, Swara Bhaskar, Zeeshan Ayub etc have also done justice to their roles.

    Verdict: In all likelihood, the film should be able to garner a credible initial & will have the word of mouth going in its favour. So I expect it to rake in the moolah at the box office without fail. In short, if you had loved the prequel then be sure to check this out & even if you haven't, give it a try!!!

    Rating: 3/5


    September 18, 16
  • Saheb Abdullah
    Saheb Abdullah
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    One Of The Most Comical & Entertaining Movie Coming In Bollywood.Kangana Ranaut Plays Both Character Very Well, Especially Datto Is Flawless & Perfect, Such A Memorable Character.Like In Past Movie Himanshu Sharma Wrote Dialogues Very Well, It Becomes One Of The Main Tools Of The Movie In Comedies.Direction Is Anand Is Good But Not Crsiper.The Whole Kidnap Scene & Feminist Ones Are Melodramatic & Forced.That's Main Flaw Of The Movie.Deepak Is Excellent, Zeeshan Is Good.Swara Not That Impressive

    May 02, 16
  • Lasit Roy
    Lasit Roy
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    All cradits goes to Kangana's acting performence. She maintains both the character she played. Slight trace of faminism is there but we con nlt consider it as a faminist film. However, good to watch.

    November 27, 15
  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
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    Tanu Weds Manu Returns, a sequel to hit Romantic Comedy firm of 2011 - Tanu Weds Manu. There is always tremendous amount of expectations from a sequel of a successful film, and it is interesting to see, how Director Anand L Rai has shaped up this movie. When I had watched Tanu weds Manu, I had always wondered how Tanu and Manu’s marriage life would shape up - two diametrically opposite individuals. If Manu had a very subtle and polite attitude, Tanu had rebellious attitude. The earlier version had its own quirks and twists, which has not changed in this movie also. The sequel is titled as Tanu Weds Manu Returns, and indeed the return is even more quirky. The tone of the movie is unapologetic, non-judgmental, and unconventional. As was the case with the predecessor, the plot grows beyond dualism, right/wrong. The characters have not changed at all, the eccentricities continue in full form in Tanu Weds Manu Returns as well. It captures the various aspects of marriage- what happens when monotony slips into marriage, when the spark misses from the relationship, how one is not able to understand the emotional challenges faced by the other, how the couple is bored in relationship and finds reasons to blame each other, set of expectations followed by disappointments with each other etc. The best part is, humour is there throughout the movie, no emotional baggage is there, no villain in the movie. Set in four locations - London, Delhi, Kanpur and a Haryana village Jhajjar, the screenplay free flows magically in absolutely entertaining manner.

    Movie begins from where its predecessor stopped. Tanu is getting married to Manu. Their wedding scenes are there on screen with the background score ‘Sun Saiban Sun, Pyar ki Dhun…’. Does ‘Happily lived thereafter’ become true for Tanu and Manu? This movie captures their lives ‘Four Years later’ after their much loud and dramatic marriage. Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) and Manu (Madhavan) are at the doctors’ desk discussing their frustration with one another. Hilarious scenes. If Tanu has complaints about Manu not showing any spark / enthusiasm in relationship; Manu’s logic is from where to bring spark (is he a lighter) and how many times or ways he should be telling the same three words –‘I love you’. Kangana complaints about monotony in relationship. Manu interprets Tanu’s moodiness, emotional ups and downs as her having bipolar disorder and the doctor very politely puts it across to him, if that is the case, then every female on this earth might be having bipolar disorders. Both of them had a long list of blames and accusations against each other. The whole drama and conflicts makes Manu land in mental asylum and Tanu decides to come back to Kanpur. Her uneasiness of leaving Manu in mental asylum is handled in her own eccentric manner. She informs Pappi (Deepak Dobriyal, friend of Manu) in a very effortless tone regarding Manu being in mental asylum and asks him to get him out. Pappi is in his usual witty self, prefers to do the sight-seeing in London rather than directly going to the asylum. On getting Tanu’s reminder, he brings Manu out of the asylum. Both of them fly back to Delhi. Another hilarious scene is the conversation between father and the son. Manu talks to his father about his desire for giving divorce to Tanu. During their conversation, Manu’s mother is cribbing in the background and father tells him that marriage is all about compromise and so Manu must continue with his marriage. When Manu retorts saying that he had to bear the torture for four years, father says he is bearing since last 40 years. Two school of thoughts here (without any preachy dialogues). Twist to the story happens when Manu goes to University to deliver a lecture, where he sees Tanu’s look alike Kusum Datto Sangwan, an athlete. Plot moves to show how he chases Kusum. Parallelly, frames are shown about Tanu being at her usual best - eccentric, unapologetic, unpredictable and rebellious. She deals with her heartbreaks in her own unique fashion. What happens, when Tanu comes to know regarding Kusum? How is Raja Awasthi in this sequel, is he the same old Raja? Do we get to hear the bullet shots from Raja? How and when does the paths of Tanu, Manu, Kusum, Raja cross one another? Whom does Manu choose at the end – Tanu or Kusum?

    May 22, 15
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    I take movie titles very seriously. While RGV got away with the title of his Sholay remake few years ago, I won't let Mr Rai get away with this absurd title of his. How obnoxious does Tanu Weds Manu: Returns sound?

    Essentially, the film picks up where it left off in the prequel i.e. start of the matrimony of the protagonists - Manu (Madhavan) and Tanu (Ranaut). However, after four years of an apparently torturous marriage, Tanu pushes Manu into a mental asylum and flies back to India to the comfort of her maternal home. What follows is a ridiculous and dramatic play where these central characters fool around just because they couldn't keep their issues with themselves. One will empathize with Manu, but audiences in their right minds will never support Tanu and her mercuric attitude which sums up to two words that Manu so efficiently describes her using, earlier in the film - bipolar disorder.

    The film started quite well and I had jotted down few good points like clever humor and good dialogs, but I am going to deny Mr Rai the pleasure. The reason that no insight is provided into why Tanu does what she does is horrendous. And it is the biggest problem the film faces.

    Madhavan has nothing much to do here other than flexing his expressive face muscles, and it is Ranaut really who runs the show with her double role and ample cleavage. Dobriyal and Shergill also deliver great performances. There is also a dash of a stark social reality in the plot that may have earned few brownie points if the film had something more and new and inventive to tell.

    All said and done and having lauded Ranaut's (who is definitely thanking her stars right now) high-standard performance, for a film that is so bad, she only works as a rope that is used to send a convict down the gallows, here the convict being the film itself. I just hope the makers don't come up with another sequel, with a suitable title like "Tanu Weds Manu: Returns: 2."

    BOTTOM LINE: Tanu Weds Manu: Returns is a film that you won't hate, but will just come to disagree with.

    RATING: 2 stars out of 10 - avoid. Tanu Weds Manu (2011) was 2/10, as well.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    May 22, 15
  • Himanshu pandey
    Himanshu pandey
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    Banno tera swagger laaga sexy: Here it is, the another north indian dish from the anand L rai's [director] dhaba...it rarely happens when a sequel justifies its literal meaning...tanu and manu,the either ends of a human nature's spectrum have come back with a bang on your hearts. let's explore some hot's and not's of the flick....
    Awsom dialogues and tight screenplay steals the top spot,songs adds nostalgia to the story.each and every character plays their parts beautifully and effortlessly..madhavan underplayed his part with utmost honesty nd let the 'queen' dominated the scene...dobariyal aka pappi bhaisahab had the most cheesy and craziest lines and he sucessfully executed those into the LOL moments..ayub was a new entrant in this saga and he managed well to get noticed, swara bhaskar,rajesh sharma ,jimmi all were good bt again the show stealer was kangna...be it the eponymous and moody tanu or sedative,naive and strong kusum, kagna is terrific and gets into the skin of both characters and makes u feel weak around your knees...even her swagger alone worths your pocket..having said that,yes story department got little weired at times like the very first scene when manu landed in mental asylum or he fell in love with kusum just coz she is tanu's look alike etc..bt the bottomline is that u never cares if u happens to chews kankad in a daal otherwise so spicy and tasty..watch..it deserves ur wallet...

    September 25, 15
  • Himanshu pandey
    Himanshu pandey
    22 reviews
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    Banno tera swagger laaga sexy: Here it is, the another north indian dish from the anand L rai's [director] dhaba...it rarely happens when a sequel justifies its literal meaning...tanu and manu,the either ends of a human nature's spectrum have come back with a bang on your hearts. let's explore some hot's and not's of the flick....
    awsom dialogues and tight screenplay steals the top spot,songs adds nostalgia to the story.each and every character plays their parts beautifully and effortlessly..madhavan underplayed his part with utmost honesty nd let the 'queen' dominated the scene...dobariyal aka pappi bhaisahab had the most cheesy and craziest lines and he sucessfully executed those into the LOL moments..ayub was a new entrant in this saga and he managed well to get noticed, swara bhaskar,rajesh sharma ,jimmi all were good bt again the show stealer was kangna...be it the eponymous and moody tanu or sedative,naive and strong kusum, kagna is terrific and gets into the skin of both characters and makes u feel weak around your knees...even her swagger alone worths your pocket..having said that,yes story department got little weired at times like the very first scene when manu landed in mental asylum or he fell in love with kusum just coz she is tanu's look alike etc..bt the bottomline is that u never cares if u happens to chews kankad in a daal otherwise so spicy and tasty..watch..it deserves ur wallet...

    September 25, 15
  • Shikhar Verma
    Shikhar Verma
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    His idea of a party is calling a few IT friends and their wives home, while her idea of a party is throwing one of those whiskey bottle on one of those strange stereo-type wives. Everyone faces problems post-marriage but seeing the fate and circumstances that lead to the marriage of Tanu & Manu in the previous film, one would never imagine that their marriage would turn out to be just like millions of others.

    He complains that she should be a bit introvert and she complains that the spark and excitement in their life is long gone. Tanu Weds Manu Returns opens with the couple arguing over their problems at a couple-counselling-cum-mental-asylum (Yes! In the world of Mr. Anand L. Rai it exists), somewhere in London. As they say “Never judge a marriage by its wedding”, the couple soon break-off and go into separate modes. While Tanu reconnects with the people of her locality in Kanpur (including Raju Awasthi played by Jimmy Shergil) , Manu stumbles upon a Tanu-look-alike Delhi University student: Kusum and instantly falls for her. What follows is a tale of confusion, hatred, love, marriage and an off-and-on laugh riot.

    5 years after the first film, Anand L. Rai brings us the tale of what happens to the polite and Introvert launda and the pungent and care-free laundi after the marriage chores are done with. The sequel to the sleeper-hit Tanu Weds Manu has love and commitment as its crux, even though women empowerment and a lot of other themes and ideas are shoe-horned in the film, the basic idea is the same. What makes both of Rai’s film different is the midas touch of Indian family clichés which he meticulously brings out in all his films.
    In one of its best scenes of the film, Manu’s father tries to persuade him when he decides to leave Tanu while Manu's mother blabbers random gibberish in the background. He suggests his son that every marriage has to face this and the answer is not running away but sitting down and listening to everything. He also says that you need to break the fuse when it gets out of hand.

    The sequel is filled with great one-liners and has some hilarious laugh-out-loud scenes in the first half. Pretty much like its prequel the post intermission part loses some of it and slides into a narrative that sounds really idiotic when you think about it. But the immense charm of the cast and Himanshu Sharma’s brilliant writing manages to outshine it all.

    The ever so giggly Deepak Dobriyal manges to tickle your funny bone every single time. Even though Tanu Weds Manu Returns has a number of similar characters their actions and chaotic tendency also remain the same. He manages to change some basic forms of the characters making them mature through time. What’s astonishing is the fact that the new character of Kusum A.K.A Datto that has been introduced here feels an eternal part of the tale from the beginning. That’s entirely because Kangna completely disappears into the role and makes you love both the character she plays, equally. Rai never over-does anything. His songs are not songs but essential part of the narrative, they don’t sound forced for some strange reason.

    Coming back to the other themes the film touches, allowing two totally different characters to be played by the same women, Rai signifies two unique faces of feminism. Their face-off in a later part of the film shows how both of them signify two strong women. The sad part of the film is neither the writer nor the audience care why Tanu’s character behaves the way she does. She sways away just in a towel, flirts around with ex-lovers and still has a part of her that makes us feel bad for her. Its strange how the film never shows why she is bored of her marriage to an extent of getting out of it. We never see it yet we don’t complain because there’s a lot of other things going on.

    The film belongs to Kangna. Her relentless yet hard-working attitude has done her real good. After the amazing Queen, she has played all her cards well. There’s no denying the fact that she could be the next big thing in Bollywood if she chooses her projects wisely. R. Madhvan is a few pounds heavier but his polite and naïve performances boosts the film higher than it already is. Everyone else including Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub, K K Raina, Eijaz Khan, Swara Bhaskar and most importantly Jimmy Shergil are amazing in their respective roles.

    Final Verdict: Tanu Weds Manu Returns can be a lot of things for some people but to me it’s a well-made romantic-comedy that needs to be seen. It’s as good as the first film if not better.

    June 14, 15
  • Nagma
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    The title of the movie is not exciting enough as it makes one wonder what story is left to narrate after a happy ending in the prequel.
    Tanu and Manu are unhappy after 4 years of marriage and are keen to part ways. The film then revolves around their independent lives which supposedly gives freedom to both to lead their lives their way.
    Madhavan plays his character of a simple and disturbed doctor effortlessly. The movie however has the most entertaining elements coming from Deepak Dobriyaal (Pappi ji).He is just unbelievable with his rib-tickling dialogues and expressions. "Pappi ji" in fact has quite substantial screen time and he will not leave his presence in any of the scenes being unnoticed by the audience.
    The film further elevates to a higher level of entertainment and that is contributed by none other than Kangana Ranaut (Tanu & Datto).
    Tanu as a free-spirited woman who wants to re-live her past with her ex-flame (Jimmi Shergill). Her entire personality and attitude which you would rather detest in real life looks ultimately glamorous on screen. The second character, Datto...is of a state level athlete hailing from Haryana. Datto will take your breath away with her completely innocent and rustic personality not to mention the perfect "haryanvi accent" which appears to be Kangana's natural mother tongue.
    Both the characters are completely opposite and it becomes difficult to believe that both are played by the same person.
    Kangana gives a path-breaking performance and this again proves her immense talent.
    Lot of credit goes to Anand L. Rai who has managed to create such a powerful sequel with strong characters.
    So please do not miss this complete "paisa vasool" movie....otherwise in Datto's words"Baawde ho gae ke?"

    June 13, 15
  • Omkar Joshi
    Omkar Joshi
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    Review:- Tanu Weds Manu: Returns.
    It’s a Perfectly made Sequel.
    STORY: The TWMR starts exactly where TWM has finished, at the marriage of Tanu and Manu. At that point of time we had expected that they lived happily ever after, but they both have moved to London and next scene is the separation between two of them over the typical daily Husband-Wife issues. Here exactly starts the magic of Kangana as she is explaining “The Situation” to Doctors in a mental asylum where Manu has brought Tanu for psychology treatment. Here she gives glimpses of her acting excellence which results into emotional breakdown of Manu and eventually he turns up into that Asylum for treatment. Tanu then comes back to India and tries to “Move On” as she meet people from her “good past”.
    At the other end Manu finds a look-a-like of Tanu and finds out she is Kusum aka "Datto". Slowly falls in love with her, meets her brother (Rajesh Sharma) to ask permission to marry Datto. But her brother tells them that her marriage is been fixed with another guy, shows his photo to Manu, revealing that he is Raja Awasthi (Jimmy Shergill) the same guy from who was a fiancé of Tanu in first movie.The movie ends with epic climax scene in predictive way.
    The story in a synopsis point of view is linear, plain and simple. But the way it is written (by Himanshu Sharma) and dialogued will literally blow your mind. Direction by Anand L Rai is the best thing viewers will take home with them after getting out of theatres. Congrats to Anand Rai for his HAT-TRICK. It will make you jump in your chairs with a chappar-tod laughter. It will make you cry when Madhavan and Kangana cries. It make you applause when every-time (literally every-time) Deepak Dobriyal (as Pappi) comes and acts on screen he deserves Best Supporting Actor Awards this year.
    CAST: Madhavan and Kangana steals the show. But Kangana (TWO of her!) wins over Madhavan and draws with herself by playing Tanu and Datto. Due to her performance we can say that TWMR has became one of the best Double role movies in entire history of Indian Cinema.
    Supporting Cast:- Apart from lead roles, all the Supporting roles are amazingly magical. Jimmy Shergill as Raja Awasthi manages to create the same chemistry and masala in the story as it served in first movie. Deepak Dobriyal as Pappi, proved him again (after Maqbool, Omkara, Gulaal, TWM ) that he is one of the finest actor bollywood has got. Eijaz Khan as Jassi (Manu’s friend) and Swara Bhaskar as Payal (Tanu’s friend) also gave enough magic for their enough screen presence duration. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Chintu a new character who was not in first movie plays Tanu’s lawyer in a movie plays sarcastic role till the end.
    Definitely, TWMR is better than its first instalment. In Bollywood usually we have seen that the sequel becomes unsuccessful to surpass the magic given by its prequel, of course there are some exceptions like GOW2, Rakta Charitra2, Sarkar Raj, etc. And definitely we can add TWMR in that list of exceptions because of over the-top and engaging screenplay writing and well written dialogues.
    Last but not the least; songs are used at the appropriate places. They didn’t slowed the pace of the story.
    In short, it is a perfectly written and executed sequel definitely worth to watch!

    May 23, 15
  • -Mohit Arora-
    -Mohit Arora-
    4 reviews

    There are two clear winners in TWMR: Kangana (of course) and dialogues. Anand Rai surely has penchant for good dialogues (not sure who is the writer though). TWM had good ones, Raanjhana’s were better and they are one of the lead actors in TWMR.
    The movie opens 4 years after the original one and straight away gets into man and wife post marital issues. Only in this case they turn really really sour. And that brings Tanu into her rebellious self and Kangana into (now) her forte. If you have TWM still fresh in your head, you will notice that Kangana has grown leaps and bounds as an actor.

    Even though things are serious, the humour element doesn’t let u take things too seriously. Watch out for the “Kandha(Shoulder)” theory, Two Bricks theory of Jimmy Shergill and Surdies doing Garba. And there are many other such moments, even subtle ones, which will leave you with your sides split. Mr. Dobriyal is the funny man. He ups his performance many folds and his spontaneity in delivering the dialogues is impeccable!

    Kangana’s achievement is that you will love her Haryanvi character’s humorous side and her innocence and hate her as rebellious Tanu. Goes without saying that she really is the queen yet again. Maddy, Jimmy Shergill, Zeeshan ably support the cast.
    But what prevents it from becoming another Queen like movie are the liberties taken in the story. And there are quite a few of them like a man ending up in mental asylum and a petty kidnapping.

    In the end however, you come out of the hall entertained by laughter moments, mesmerized by Tanu’s beauty and enchanted by Kusum’s innocence.

    October 02, 15
  • Famus
    3 reviews

    Tanu and Manu both are married and after 4 years of their marriage...they are not happy. Tanu thinks Manu is a boring husband and Manu finds Tanu insane personality with wild mood swings. Above all they hate each other and will think about divorce. Meanwhile they will search for an alternative partner. Will they get divorce or Will they get married to their new partners? Watch the movie for an exciting emotional journey.

    Kangana back with another award winning performance. this movie is very good and don't miss this movie

    Rating: Excellent Movie

    May 23, 15
  • Saurabh
    1 review

    I was eagerly waiting for the movie since the time it has been announced. Tanu weds Manu Returns exactly where Tanu Weds Manu end. Marriage of Tanu & Manu with song sun sahiba sun set the tempo and show what exactly happens in Indian Marriages.After 4 years in London Tanu needs spark in Life and Manu is still the same. They Wanted to prove each other Insane and Manu was admitted to Mental Hospital.. Tanu Returns to India leaving Manu back in hospital and inform Pappi (Deepak Dobrial) about Manu. Pappi Bring Back Manu to India. Here Manu Meets Sports Manu look a like Athlete Kusum(Datto)…Rest you watch the movie to enjoy the most. I can just say it’s a best sequel till date In Bollywood. Director has his full command on movie storytelling and characters. Anand L Rai is surely one of the finest directors who know how to hold the audience on seat. Every Character & actor in movie are played by its original cast of Tanu weds Manu . Kangana steals the show once again in her both the roles in movie I just say she is far ahead of al leading actress in industry today. Madhavan Is good as Always. Deepak Dobrial also did wonders with his comedy and dialogues. Jimmy Shergill is fantastic in what is given to him. & there is one character Chintu (Mohd Zeeshan Ayub) did his role with great ease and did full justice to his role. Dialogue of the movie is just too good and catches flavour of movie. Songs are also good and go with the movie.

    I say it’s a Wholesome family entertainer, must watch if you wanted entertain your self.

    May 24, 15
  • Ajax Sam
    Ajax Sam
    1 review

    Having not watched the first part of this franchise, my thoughts before entering the theater were mixed. Especially considering that I'm not a big fan of "shaadi-doli" cinema, the title of the movie did not really get me that excited. And that perhaps explains why I'm yet to watch Tanu Weds Manu (2011). Coming back to this movie, I must confess that this has to be one of the most endearing performance I have witnessed by a female lead in a long long time (Queen's Rani by the same actress comes quite close though). Kangana is expectedly good as Tanuja but where she really shines and outdoes herself is in her role as Kusum. The short hair, the haryavani accent, the big teeth, the athletic physique and the body language went perfectly with her characterization. So brilliant is her screen persona that you actually begin to feel restless and bored every time there's a scene that does not involve Kusum's presence. Apart from Kangana's performance, the supporting cast led by the chirpy Deepak Dobriyal & Mohammad Zeeshan added to the entertainment thereby making sure that this 2 hour long laugh riot never has a dull moment.

    +ve's :

    1. Kangana version 1 & version 2 in particular. This lady's gonna be sweeping the awards next year too.

    2. The rest of the cast performs ably well. Madhavan downplays his part to perfection. It might seem that he's being overshadowed at times but factually, that's exactly the way his character has been sketched out. Deepak Dobriyal leaves you in splits. Check him out in the scene where he's required to stand on the podium and deliver a speech. Mohammed Zeeshan, Jimmy Shergill do their bit to add to the madness

    3. The dialogues are hilarious,witty and sometimes sarcastic too. Himanshu Sharma deserves a special mention for his supremely brilliant work in this regard.

    -ve's :

    The second half of the film is slow paced and the climax is extremely predictable and gives a "been there done that" kind of a feel. The last quarter of the movie does not quite compliment the extremely hilarious and interesting first hour & a half. However, this is just a minor hiccup in what is otherwise a hilarious roller coaster ride of an incompatible yet meant to be couple. I do recommend this movie, particularly to watch this fine actress named Kangana Ranaut showcase her on screen brilliance. Looking forward to part 3 now, not for Tanu & Manu, but to witness a happy ending to the Raja Awasthi and Datto saga ;)

    Rating : 3.5/5 (Good)

    June 21, 15
  • Rohit
    1 review

    A thoroughly entertaining movie. Kangana Ranaut steals the show. Go for it definately.

    May 26, 15