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    IPL season is half through & with the viewership dwindling as opposed to yester years, Bollywood would love to make hay when the sun shines. So this weekend we have the maestro of comedies or more appropriately remake ustad, Priyadarshan coming up with a thriller "Tezz" for a change. So will it have takers or will it be yet another uninspiring ripoff???

    Since the past many years, foreign locales has been the haven of Bollywood mainly to impart a classy feel to it & also to escape from hefty taxes imposed by different corporations. So within a fortnight, we have got yet another film based in London which maintains a stringent policy against terrorists especially after the tragic bombings of 2005. Priyan makes use of this subject for weaving the plot of his latest venture. Aakash Rana (Ajay Devgn) was an engineer working in London who gets his wedding annulled & gets deported to India for illegal immigration status. Now four years has passed & he is back in London to unleash his vengeance by planting a bomb on the London-Glasgow Express. So can the Anti Terrorist Officer, Arjun Khanna (Anil Kapoor) save the day or will Aakash have the last laugh???

    Frankly speaking, Priyan has gone bonkers to have filmed based on such an illogical screenplay but even then if he had atleast paid attention to the execution he could have salvaged some pride after all as always this is a poor rip of the Japanese film "The Bullet Train" with liberal inspirations from "Speed". Instead of wasting money on the wardrobe, if he had invested some of the hard cash on the visual effects which seemed totally amateurish it would have made for more of an enjoyable watch. However, it does have a couple of bright spots like the bike chase involving Sameera Reddy & the parkour sequence of Zayed Khan. As for other aspects, except for Thiru's visuals the others didnt have much to sing praises about.

    There's a limit to how much an actor can bring to the plate especially if he doesnt have the backing of a decent script & that is what pretty much happened to Ajay Devgn. There is no doubt regarding his caliber to enact intense scenes but here it was neither required nor provided him opportunity. It was refreshing to see Anil Kapoor do something different than slap stick comedy while Boman Irani has done complete justice to his role. One of the best actors in the country, Mohanlal is reduced to a glorified guest appearance..the significance of which I still cant fathom.

    Verdict: "Tezz" will struggle to get a decent opening as it wasnt able to inspire any kind of anticipation in its promos. Add to that, crappy screenplay & childish visual effects..the film is doomed for sure. In short, you may as well fast forward to the two chase sequences & leave the rest to imagination!!!

    Rating: 1.75/5


    September 18, 16