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    The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I always find Andrew Garfield (smart, witty and funny) and Emma Stone (beautiful, smart and charming) better replacement to Tobey Maguire (a bit dull) and Kirsten Dunst (nagging and crying). These two make whole and soul of Mark Webb's version of Spider-man engaging and more enjoyable. Whenever you see these two leads sharing scorching chemistry, the screen just lights up. This movie uses the advance technological geniuses in Spider-man's flight scenes and action scenes and awesome 3D adds icing to the cake. Dane DeHaan as Green Goblin or Harry Osborn gives a chilling performance and he will be the one to watch out for in next movie in the series. But this amazing experience does not end on a high note. Last 20 minutes into the movie and you are given as many as three climaxes to absorb. Jamie Foxx playing Electro is not given right finish. Rhino makes a very late entry. I am going with fantastic 8 out of 10 for The Amazing Spider-man 2. Despite its over stretched climax, this one makes a terrific superhero movie experience because of its casting and enjoyable characters.

    May 06, 14