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    The ‘star’ voices help to fob off boredom. But there is not much here to sustain your interest even if you like the thought of an angry bird and his friends saving the animal kingdom from destruction. Who saves this film from cocky inertia?

  • Anuj Malhotra
    Anuj Malhotra
    Deccan Chronicle


    Despite being set across multiple environments: a tropical island, a high mountain, an ocean and later, another, densely populated island-city, the film features no real sense of wonder or adventure — and instead, reduces it to a pursuit of accurate, boring physics, but not very complimentary to the immense probabilities of animation itself.

  • The animation here is just about OK. It’s not comely and though blindingly colourful, lacks a certain class that we’ve come to expect from the major Hollywood studios. There’s not much to laugh at as the narrative goes a little haywire in its redemptive spiral. The action sequences, while quite bombastic doesn’t quite make it stick. There’s nothing inventive or creative in terms of the writing either. The entire run looks contrived and derivative. Even the three-year-olds will find it difficult to cotton on to this miserable escapade.

  • Unlike Zootopia and Inside Out, this movie refuses to accept that people are more intelligent than this drivel. Perhaps the best way to sum up how The Angry Birds Movie feels for most of the run time is to call it an unmitigated disaster. And a complete waste of time.

    Thanks Rovio. I’m sure there’s already a sequel no one needs planned. Now pluck off.