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    "The Girl on the Train" is grounded in the tranquil house-beautiful of
    the Hudson Valley suburbs. But director Tate Taylor ("The Help," "Get
    on Up"), while competent, is no David Fincher. "Girl on the Train"
    isn't likely to haunt its shivering viewers the way the "Gone Girl"
    movie did.Blunt,however,makes the ride well worth taking.It's an
    intriguing premise, and Blunt melts into the role like ice in a glass.
    She looks lost, ravaged by hopelessness, her voice thickening into
    syrup, her character a confused stumble. Blunt, in her best screen
    performance to date, gives it a heartbroken center. I go with 4/5 for
    'The Girl on the Train' for Emily's one of the finest performance.

    December 31, 16