• Shalini Langer
    Shalini Langer
    Indian Express


    The film is at its most entertaining when the night that Grinch strikes eventually draws near.

  • Neil Soans
    Neil Soans
    Times Of India


    While ‘The Grinch’ isn’t exactly groundbreaking or fresh, it has just enough Christmas magic to justify another modern retelling of an old story.

  • …this is a harmless film and at a run-time of just 80 minutes, it breezes by anchored by its kinetic energy. And if you like Pharrell, you’ll find comfort in his voice as the narrator, even though none of the side characters, or even the Grinch himself is noteworthy in any big way. If you’re looking for a more interesting old-timey Christmas based movie, you’re better off firing up the DVD of Robert Zemeckis’ A Christmas Carol instead.

  • That the underlying message against the commercialisation of Christmas is brought out in a secular manner with no mention of the Nativity is ironic. An attempt to appeal to the largest demographic seems to bend and pray to filthy lucre rather than celebrate the first Noel.