• It’s a stunning visual achievement, and one that reminds you why you fell in love with these characters all those years ago. Don’t miss it.

  • Raja Sen
    Raja Sen


    Take the kids you know (and the kid within you) and go watch The Jungle Book.

    Trust in me.

  • Shalini Langer
    Shalini Langer
    Indian Express


    It’s a little more reminiscent of the jungle and the book than the 1967 Disney classic, a lot, lot darker, and yet, ultimately as exuberant, with a surprisingly strong and novel message at the heart of it, in a story that already didn’t lack for them.

  • Jyoti Sharma Bawa
    Jyoti Sharma Bawa
    Hindustan Times


    The Jungle Book is no longer cute and cuddly but a tale of survival. This time, it really is a jungle out there. But I can guarantee one thing, once you and your children do enter it, you would not want to leave.

  • Sudarshan Ramani
    Sudarshan Ramani
    Deccan Chronicle


    . This version of The Jungle Book is a brilliant and beautiful evocation of the time when everything was bigger than us, when the natural world seemed to be full of wonders and where almost every new animal species, whose picture and presence we glimpsed, was an adventure in and of itself. This film is a brilliant fantasy for the whole family to see, reviving one of the great classics for a new generation.

  • Samrat Choudhury
    Samrat Choudhury
    Deccan Chronicle


    The film is very well produced. The effects are spectacular and the performances are good. It is entirely worth watching, but its implicit politics is as troubling as Kipling’s was.

  • The characters drawn for the 2016 live action film have an edge that was not present in the 1967 animated film…

  • It is a film for children and adults alike. Not to be missed…

  • …the intricate landscaping, masterful camerawork and environment (actually filmed in Downtown Los Angeles) create a delightfully immersive experience. Heartwarming and enjoyable.

  • Bryan Durham
    Bryan Durham
    DNA India


    …you’re going to love Mowgli, this film, the voice cast, the photo-realism of the animals surrounding Mowgli and an inherent innocence that just shines through and through. It’s a spectacular film and one you shouldn’t miss. Just go watch it!

  • Jon Favreau’s live-action re-imagining of the 1967 film, The Jungle Book, is a visual treat. Along with Neel Sethi’s Mowgli and a superb voice-cast, this adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book is a winner on many fronts.

  • The Jungle Book is a film that has something for everyone. It defines the phrase ‘feels like coming home’. You have to watch, to believe it so don’t miss this one!

  • …a shining example of phenomenal filmmaking, transporting the viewer to a different world. Complete with a riveting plot combined with VFX and 3D that makes you jump, THE JUNGLE BOOK is definitely a must watch.

  • Rachit Gupta
    Rachit Gupta


    In India, The Jungle Book will always be compared to the version that was aired on Doordarshan. In comparison, this movie is every bit as brilliant as it seemed 20 years ago on 21-inch television sets. The 3D and the IMAX goodness add depth not just to the visuals but the impact of the story and the experience. Kids, young adults and adults will all enjoy this thrill-a-minute ride in the jungles of India, where animals can talk and where human beings and their creations are a part of enigma. Do not miss this at any cost.

  • Suprateek Chatterjee
    Suprateek Chatterjee


    The Jungle Book of today is fantastic as a movie-going experience, and somewhat less as a cathartic one. As blockbuster entertainment, it is complete in every way; as a standalone work, it is a little too dependent on its staggering legacy.

  • The drama and treatment may border on conventional but the animal renditions are definitely not. Cinematographer Bill Pope and the VFX team led by Robert Legato and Adam Valdez integrate real time sequences with animation so brilliantly that it’s difficult to pinpoint the differences. It’s seamless, proportionate and way above anything that has come before. A must-see for all – irrespective of species, age or gender!

  • Subhash K Jha
    Subhash K Jha


    Don’t wait. Just go out this weekend with the kids and re-live one of the most cherished children’s stories told from an adult perspective and yet miraculously maintaining an artless innocence that makes this film entirely winsome experience. And so what if Priyanka doesn’t sing in the Hind version. The film is suffused in the music of the soul.

  • Apart from being a great movie The Jungle Book is also another big triumph for Disney. It seems whatever Disney touches turns to gold. It’s hard to think of another studio that has had so much universal acclaim and financial success for such a long stretch of time. With Moana and Rogue One coming later this year it certainly seems like Disney has made sure we’re in for a ton of fun.

  • ‘The Jungle Book’ is a visual masterpiece that will entice the audiences of all groups. If you are looking for a break from the modern film culture, then don’t waste a moment and grab tickets immediately!

  • Biprorshee Das
    Biprorshee Das


    The Jungle Book will be a nice weekend watch merely for the nostalgia at play and how incredible the movie looks. The story has long stayed with us and will for a while to come. Every return to the jungle must be welcomed.  

  • Sreeju Sudhakaran
    Sreeju Sudhakaran
    Bollywood Life


    This is one of the best Jungle Book adaptions on screen and also one of the best live action motion-capture films I have seen in years. Just wondering how Warner Bros will top this with their version of the book that will come next year.

    The summer holidays just started off with a bang!

  • Uday Bhatia
    Uday Bhatia


    It may sound like a backhanded compliment, but this Jungle Book is a fine children’s film that’s happy to be just that. It’s scarier than the original, of course, but I’d imagine kids nowadays will take a 3D tiger leaping out from the screen in their stride.

  • Kunal Guha
    Kunal Guha
    Mumbai Mirror


    While the original story has little mystery and would even seem like a lame fantasy today, this adaptation, thanks to its visual bravado, makes it a contemporary classic.

  • What makes The Jungle Book enduring in our collective consciousness is that it is an outlet to our eternal fantasy to live in the wild. The film, painted in mystical shades, succeeds in invoking this deep, primal core present in all of us.

  • The Jungle Book, for its all its surface vim and vigour, is essentially cast in the classic mould that the story demands. It is enlivened with the standard emotional tropes related to family, friendship and the virtues of staying together in the face of adversity. It is a children’s tale all right, but Favreau and screenwriter Justin Marks ensure that there is enough in the mix for everyone. Thanks to the way it balances epic scale with sustained emotional traction, The Jungle Book is an irresistible fare.

  • The Jungle Book is always stunning to look at, and its economical 105-minute running time adequately showcases Mowgli’s first steps towards realising his inner potential and coming closer to his human self. But the film misses out on the opportunity to provide a compelling reason for Mowgli’s resurrection.

  • What is magnificent is the way a wondrous and real-looking jungle world is crafted with care through frame computer animation, performance capture and a bit of motion capture by Moving Picture Company and Weta Digital. This shows how much diligence and thought went into making this lovely saga that principally looks at straight emotions minus any “subtexts” that Hollywood cinema is often prone to have.

  • The Jungle Book is a film that has something for everyone. It truly feels like a home coming of sorts, driving you right back into the charms of childhood wonder.