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    'The Lion King' has some goods- the visuals are really far from the artificiality and each detail of the furs and leaves is high-magnification deep. The dubbing convinces although its no Nathan Lane and Moira Kelly magic. But I wished the film was shorter. Despite the length exactly half and hour longer than the original, it doesn't reinterpret anything extra.
    The film also seems to worked up- coming straight out of the torn 1994 pages of the script, even skipping some glorious moments and sinking so much teeth on the visuals that forgetting the vision the film had. Jon Favreau of the very amazing 2016 better-than-original CGI drive 'The Jungle Book' has directed it, but I for one can't believe. It's just a 2 for 'The Lion King'. But the Hindi version is much, much better.

    September 30, 19