• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    In Titli, director Kanu Behl captures the volatility of a society where violence lies uneasily just below the surface. With remarkable shots depicting the lives of these car-jacking brothers, he raises the bars by capturing the essence and romanticizing the ultimately heartbreaking couple Titli and Neelu.
    But the film is also ritually atmospheric and visually stunning if looked on as an achievement. The film celebrates the hopes and aspirations of the lead Titli are visually impressive.
    And the performances hit hard with their striking appeal. Shashank Arora makes a terrific acting debut with his character of Titli, which, frankly, might be the best performance of his in his acting career. Shivani Raghuvanshi is easily consuming as Neelu, a newlywed who wants to break free from a marriage that is forced. And the couple are complemented by these car-jacking gangster brothers Pradeep and Vikram (Amit Sial and Ranveer Shorey) who bring the organic gore to the narrative. Lalit Behl as the father is particularly lazy, impressive.
    On the surface, this is a pitch-perfect film which is ambitiously written, uniquely performed. I am going with a four out of five for Titli. Watch it for its unique hold.

    September 17, 19
  • Rakshit Raina
    Rakshit Raina
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    Hands down, the best Hindi film of the year! Raw, gritty cinema !

    October 31, 15
  • Ruchi Mehta
    Ruchi Mehta
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    An interestingly told and engaging story of a man, his wife and his life with noteworthy performances by the entire cast.

    October 30, 15