• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    Filmmaker Milind Dhaimade uses Sunday and Bombay as motifs and pens a thoughtful narrative, also translating it into an impactful, heartwarming film with feel-good, fresh performances especially by Awinash Tiwary, Barun Sobti, Shahana Goswami and Rasika Duggal. The film works on the whole and despite being exaggerated, manages to pull off a heartwarming enterprise which I call the most fresh, most subtle film this year.

    September 25, 19
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    Milind Dhaimade's debut directorial is like a breath of fresh, warm air in Bollywood. A poignant film that critiques a lack of open spaces in Mumbai. Talking about a bunch of five friends - some in their late 20s and others in early 30s, Tu Hai Mera Sunday, although obnoxiously titled, claims that this lack of open spaces where humans cannot unwind periodically is what is making them go mad. It says that it is one of the biggest issues that we do not fight against today, and instead compromise with our jobs that we don't like, relationships that are toxic, by holding grudges that are painful, and whatnot. While I can relate to this relevant theme, where Tu Hai Mera Sunday fails is in its climax. After promising a lot of things and even going hellbent emotional over it, it ends like a splash of effervescent water. I'm not talking about a solution, but a steady crescendo to whatever the writers had in their mind. There's a scene towards the end where a guy goes emotionally berserk about how his friends are just compromising with their lives - and that's where the theme ends. The remaining parts are fillers. However, what makes the film appealing is these fillers - these tasty sequences that director Dhaimade captures using his able actors to bring out the best about life in general. Whether it is Barun Sobti's innocence or Shahana Goswami's outwardly cool attitude or Avinash Tiwary's jokes, the film sustains because of these bulbs of moving drama that just makes you feel good. With an overall superior cast performance and a slightly off writing here and there, Tu Hai Mera Sunday is a feel-good film that must be watched but not loved. Don't get any ideas. TN.

    March 22, 18