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    I don't like romantic films: romance is the genre which is a dish overcooked by filmmakers of Bollywood. I also generally don't watch films of Emraan Hashmi since they have often an A certificate and don't suit for family viewing. But since this film Tum Mile had a UA Certification, I decided to watch it despite of being a romance hater. I found the film interesting in parts, but I didn't find a reason to love the film.

    Tum Mile is a kind of film that could have been entertaining as its own music. I really love the songs and I hear them a number of times. The music is truly the biggest plus point of the film. Not even a single song misses the mark. In the voice of K. K.the songs add soul to the film's entertainment quotient and.....sorry, sorry! I was reviewing the film and not the music!

    Coming to what actually the film contains, you find that the film is a simple love story narrated in a disconnected and confused way. The love angle and chemistry between the leading pair seems to be completely missing, despite of the love and pain they together depict in the songs. There are a couple of scenes that are dealt with very well, especially the interval scene, the climax scene and a few scenes which you will remember only if you really get lost in the film otherwise you won't even remember what happened in the film. I am unable to recall what I had watched.

    The technical aspects of the film are top notch. Cinematography is adequately handled and VFX seems quite good. But it's the disconnected storyline and the screenplay that makes you feel disappointed. Once the film starts off, and the romantic story is revealed, the narrative loses its grip and as a result, even it's own pace at which it was running.

    Emraan Hashmi is just OK, since he's not habitual of acting in such serious deglam dramatic films. Despite of the presence of Mantra, you don't get a moment to laugh, or even think about it. There are various moments where the film's pace breaks down and the entertainment level falls badly. However, the film manages to regain its speed in the climax. But till then, you find it to be too late.

    Overall, Tum Mile is an average disaster drama film that does not meet the expectations one makes from this film. Its music is the biggest and perhaps, the only plus point of the film. Otherwise, an average narrative, poor execution, lengthy plot and many other negative things kill the interest. Watch it only for the songs,otherwise, buy the original audio CD and enjoy the songs at home. If you really want to watch the film, then be prepared for some shocking surprises.

    July 17, 17