• Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
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    Welcome 2 Karachi is a comedy film by Ashish R Mohan. Occasional hilarious scenes might leave you in splits, but otherwise, the movie fails in its genre. It turns out be a very average movie. Welcome 2 Karachi does an attempt to add humour to India-Pakistan feud, Taliban Issue, American’s interventions, but these all turn out to be merely over-the-top drama. The opening credits itself do not generate any curiosity but are set up in an inferior tone.

    Kedar Patel (Jackky Bagnani), son of a businessman, gets his US visa rejected for the third time. His good friend and ex-navy professional Shammi (Arshad Warsi) suggests to go to USA by cruise, if not by air. But an accident makes them arrive at Karachi. When they learn that they are in Karachi, both of them in their attempt to come back to India, goof up the whole thing. They are mistaken to be intruders from across the border. Lauren plays the role of Investigation officer who is sure that these two people (Shammi and Kedar) might be a threat to their country.

    Kedar is dumb and Shammi is loud-mouthed which land them in unforeseen situations. They both definitely generate laughter through some scenes when they accidentally get trapped sometimes amongst Pathans / Mujahideens / Police officers / Talibans etc. Taliban Camp Scene is worth mention, though looks very unreal, but it was so funny.

    Both Arshad and Jacky are good. We have seen this Arshad earlier also, but as far as Jackky is concerned, he also has shown good comic timings. The movie just projected some plots / sub plots, even attempted to present a satire on so many pertinent issues, but somewhere, the passion got lost in storytelling and the output turned to be very mediocre. Music is below average and an unwanted item number ‘Shakira’ (by Lauren) was inserted.

    Welcome 2 Karachi, in spite of hilarious moments and with Arshad and Jacky in the lead, fails to take off !

    June 02, 15
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    I will get straight to the point and save you time by explaining (and hopefully convincing) why you should skip Welcome 2 Karachi for life.

    The story about two Indian idiots, Kedar (Bhagnani) and Shammi (Warsi) trying to go to America through seaways using a motor boat and, instead landing in Pakistan sounds like an ideal base for a satire. However, the film starts, fools around, and ends with absurdity as its main and the only ingredient. Since it is a satire one does not pay attention to the story. But to depend on extremely unpleasant jokes and cooked-up situations is like depending on the US to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

    The performances are not pleasant either. Bhagnani acts pure dumb, but then he does not put much effort into it as acting dumb comes naturally to him. Although, he does play the comedian if we compare him with the lunar eclipse Warsi, who looks dull after his long hiatus from the screen. Gottlieb cannot act, nor can she deliver her dialogs properly. She should stick to brain-numbing dancing.

    All said and done, one will enjoy only few chuckles that are caused by random comic situations, which are, for your information, only present in the first half. The second half is worse than Roy (2015) and Kuch Kuch Locha Hai (2015) put together. Plus, I could also sense some exaggeration regarding the depiction of the Pakistani life. Clearly, Pakistan as a country is not as bad as the film showcases it to be.

    BOTTOM LINE: Welcome 2 Karachi is a satire film which takes it audience on a 2-hour long ride so that it can show how it is NOT a satire film. Skip for life.

    RATING: 1 star out of 10.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    May 29, 15
  • Famus
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    Two youngsters who wish to go America by Boat will lands accidentally in Karachi,Pakistan. The journey of coming back to India is the story line of this movie.

    Movie mainly focusing on the comedy.. with well drafted story. One point of time you will think that these two guys are really so dumb and their innocent behaviour will make you laugh.

    Arshad Warsi's story selection is different and he will entertain us with his style of entertainment. A good movie to watch with family.

    Rating: Good Movie

    May 29, 15
  • Jimi Doctor
    Jimi Doctor
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    It is sad that all critics unable to comprehend the subject and how was presented.

    I saw this movie after going through all critic's points to find out the truth. It is sad to note that critics have misguiding views.

    One has to say how the situation is manipulated at the higher level which was clearly visible and depicted in the story line which fact. The same is put very effectively. This was ignored by our matured critics. We all go to movie theater for fun and not to drag into boring and depressing surroundings. Here all team members have to efforts to give us fun and fact of current situation in Libiya,Iraq, Syria, Pakistan where USA, UK are playing dirty politics for their own vested interest.

    My request to all see this movie with different prospective rather from the critics point of view.

    It is worth spending £12 which I did value for money in London.

    May 31, 15