• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    'Wonder Woman' will always be remembered as one of tue most remarkable outings for 'DC', for it capitalizes its wondrous superheroine in a great way. The wonder woman soars, flys high, and still, she ultimately weighs down most of her kind by staying grounded. And thatz for one, is an achievment standing out in the superhero world.
    I am going with a big 4 out of 5 for 'Wonder Woman'. It has massive contrivances, including an awfully slow second half. But the interestingly crisp performance of the menacingly seductive and power-packed Gal Gadot makes sure that you make the most out of the film. She makes the extra half of the film.

    October 04, 19
  • Rhiki Ranjan Neupane
    Rhiki Ranjan Neupane
    34 reviews
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    Good .

    Best part : Visual effects , sound editing , costume design , Action stunts , Decent performances
    Weakness : repetitive nature at some points , Climax is predictable and quite over the top .

    June 10, 17
  • Ajay lawyer
    Ajay lawyer
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    the way heró died is not good.expected 2 or more romantic scenes,her ancient sword is waste,there should be thrill finding the ares,ares should b youñg.

    June 07, 17
  • Rakshit Raina
    Rakshit Raina
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    The best DCEU movie till date!

    June 03, 17
  • TigersNest
    4 reviews

    Thoughtfully built up tale between good and evil.
    Though few in number, nice subtle humor when least expected.
    Gal Gadot proves she's just not a pretty face but a trained action figure.

    Action scenes quite look like what you've already seen in other movies of Zack Snyder directed movies, you would know what I mean if you've seen 300 and Man of Steel
    Slightly poor creations of evil characters, they never send any chills up the spine. The movies end as welll as the end of evil would be more satisfying if it were.

    July 24, 17