• Great acting, great art direction and background score and writing overcome a plot that is kind of run-of-the-mill, like I said earlier, the devil is in the details, catch them if you can.

  • ‘The Desolation of Smaug’ is step in the right direction which only proves Jackson understood what plagued the first one from achieving fandom glory. The ending is my only major gripe against the movie, since it ends very abruptly, but I guess this is the nature of things which are borne from the difficulties of extending one book across three, three hour long movies. Go watch it, and if possible in 2D.

  • ‘Catching Fire’ is a worthy sequel that builds upon the themes and characters introduced in its predecessor, however it’s wobbly plot in the second half fails to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the movie which leave you feeling kind of underwhelmed and yet anticipating the next chapter in the story.

  • ‘Frozen’ represents a fine return to form for the Disney animated tales of yore, with enough heart and humour to go along with the lush animation.

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