• If Pizza was a con movie dressed up as a haunted house horror thriller, Jigarthanda is basically a comedy cloaked as a gangster movie. In the first half, the director provides us the gangster thriller that the trailers promised us — a villain who is both awesome and frightening, his quirky underlings (one of them is a teetotaler and a god-fearing man whose weakness is porn and the scenes where Karthik and Oorani try to woo him by supplying him porn are a blast), brutal murders, and a tense interval block.

  • Kochadiiyaan succeeds not because of technology but because of the writing. The film is motion capture 3D computer-animated but the animation is primeval; both the motion capture and the texture of the visuals are closer to The Polar Express than Avatar or Tintin. The long shots aren’t problematic but whenever the camera cuts to a close-up, we are drawn to the inanimate nature of the expressions. The characters feel like caricatures of the real-life actors we have known.

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