• Double Dhamaal is a huge disappointment. Especially for those who’ve seen the first part. And even for those who haven’t. Watch it at your own risk.

  • Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a movie that aims to root itself in multiple plotlines, but everyone isn’t Quentin Tarantino at the end of the day. Even copying films such as Satya and Vaastav (which established the gangster genre) is an art. An important lesson for first-time film maker Ankush Bhatt.

  • Rahul Bose fans may enjoy this film. Or Shifaali Shah fans, (yes she does have many admirers). Or if you enjoy ‘multiplex’ films which take over two hours to get a ‘message’ across to you. The rest are safest giving it a miss.

  • The film is a must watch for all ‘thriller’ fans. And also horror buffs! Don’t miss it.

  • Love U…Mr Kalakaar, the latest offering from the Barjatyas is a sincere attempt to break away from their own self-imposed archaic formulas.

  • Haunted fails at reviving the age old haunted-house premise, bringing nothing new to the platter.

    The horror fans who thrive on Hiss and Click, or the Mimoh fans might just be able to sit through this film. The others should give it a miss.

  • See it if you adore either Lara Dutta or Vinay Pathak. Or else give it a miss.

  • Darsheel fans might just want to see this film. But be prepared to get disappointed. The rest are better off giving it a miss.

  • Utt Pataang is interesting provided you enjoy comic capers with a hint of romance.

  • If the film suffers it is mainly because of the budgetary constraints. Most of the film is restricted to the interiors as it probably wasn’t possible to shoot the film in Pakistan. With better sets and a wider variety of locations, the film would have been a masterpiece.

    Tere Bin Laden is definitely a must-watch.

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