• Kadvi Hawa is intended to be a wake-up call, but look closely and it is also a chant.

  • In movies like Qarib Qarib Singlle, we don’t even get that sort of pleasure, only a deadness that never goes away.

    If you happen to like this film, I have to assume there’s something seriously wrong with your idea of a journey.

  • As far as its final twist goes, Ittefaq is a whocareswhodunit but what it does have, as compensation, is the shock and suggestiveness of pulp served hot.

  • Rukh may be lit like a YouTube Short Film and may have its share of other technical problems, but there’s something disturbingly original about director Atanu Mukherjee’s vision

  • Tu Hai Mera Sunday has delightful women characters, sketchy men, and individual threads that work better than the whole package…

  • While filled with startling insights and questions, and buoyed by terrific performances throughout, Newton suffers from a lack of end-to-end clarity. It is a near-great film, but one that for some reason doesn’t express itself fully…

  • The noise of the crowd, the badly phrased banter of the unthinking mob, the music in the butcher’s knife, the tiny dreams of little people, these asides were the true essence of Raj and DK’s first two movies, and it seems like they’ve stopped stepping out and recording them.

  • There were moments in the movie when a loud laugh escaped my throat. But it didn’t seem to matter. Because they were all laughing and my laughter was getting drowned in the laughter of those around me.

  • Indu Sarkar opens with the declaration of Emergency but its true beginning-point is a disclaimer proclaiming it as a work of fiction bearing nothing more than a chance resemblance to people, places, and events.

    I found that disclaimer to be less of a mandatory insert and more an apology for the film’s artlessness.

  • Lipstick Under My Burkha touches, fleetingly, upon this aspect of female bonding that is removed from the compulsions of protesting.

    When the film is not making points, it has some life.

    When it goes off into conscious revolting, it’s just distributing pamphlets.

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