• Till Dawood Ibrahim dies of old age, or is claimed by one of his own, we’ll keep dreaming of catharsis. But director Nikhil Advani feels differently. He thinks that if Americans can extract revenge and experience catharsis via Operation Neptune Spear, Indians deserve to exhale as well. So what if the Indian government and its unintelligent intelligence officers only offer the most dreary script? A fictitious one can be scripted.

  • This narrative — which zigzags through a landscape of clichés, powered only by cuteness and populated by only nice people — is Bollywood’s new coming of aged formula.

  • There is no reason for ‘Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke’ to exist except that producer-director Jyotin Goel’s son, Dev Goel, is now of kissable age and has acquired muscles — feats that daddy dear thinks deserve a public audience.

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