• Kung Fu Panda 3 is going to lift your spirits for it clearly states is that you don’t need to be someone else, you just need to be you and the best of you. The universe needs you to be you, with all the fun you can have, and a dramatic entry would be helpful.

  • The film is something that you should find time to watch, because it feels like a really long film even though it is just 91 minutes. As a statutory warning, do not watch this film with your significant other, maybe you will never get a letter about your ex who never was, but once someone really looks at you and starts poking, who knows what you might reveal?

  • Room is a captivating story that seems to grow inside you every time you watch it and it makes you relish those fine sensations that you take for granted all the time.

  • Even though the movie has a lot going for it, Burnt’s biggest problem is probably the story. The writers introduce too many subplots and characters, which seem unnecessary. If they had just focused on Adam and his goals, the movie would have had a stronger impact.

  • It is an invented story providing us the origins of Peter Pan and Captain Hook, setting the stage for a sequel in a new franchise. Hugh Jackman is excellent as Blackbeard. He doesn’t reveal himself much, getting himself higher up in the league of actors who transform themselves for their characters.

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