• Kai Po Che is good movie on Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai theme. Everybody should love a child , whether he is born a Hindu or Muslim . And should help his talent to grow . So he brings pride to Nation.

    May 14, 13
  • The most wholesome animation movie I’ve seen. Technically, it is plainly superb. But what I like about the movie is that you don’t feel like you are watching an animated movie. You feel like you are watching a real human story. Credit goes to the screenplay writers, but also to all those creative people who created very natural, normal and convincing characters and their movements and expressions. The other thing I like about the film is its positive ending. The inter generational conflict between Daughter and Dad ends up in each one understanding the other better and reuniting in a flush of love and affection. A film that gives great food for thought for families in the West or East.

    May 12, 13