• I just saw this a few hours ago and Ms. Bhatt was amazing in the movie. The movie really covers the real truth of what it means to be spy not just entailing over the top drama like some spy movies. The director took the story and carefully crafted. I wish there were more part with Iqbal as I feel his connection could have been showing more interactions. Also, his reaction to finding out Alia as a spy was quite underwhelming than what I would believe anyone finding out that their wife is a spy who did what she did. Overall a great movie really encapsulating that in war anyone will be a casualty. I disagree with anyone who says this does not have any stunning scenes, this movie is covering a real story and real life is not all about action. It is a covert affair mission, and the acting was beautiful how the emotions and camera angle very crisp real displaying emotion.

    May 13, 18