• More often than not, zombie movies inevitably are Zombie humor.
    This movie is different and who better can justify zombie and gore better than Koreans :-).
    Surprisingly a zombie movie which is also heart warming !

    August 07, 17
  • I consider myself biased against War movies. Honestly I do not find them entertaining… you might say war movies depict reality but again who said war movies cannot be entertaining, take for example Inglorious Bastards just love that..

    Ok. Enough about myself 🙂 coming back to the movie. It is a great movie with some kick ass moments you must not have experienced before. And this movie is not for the small screen, if you have to watch it, you have to do it on a big screen b’coz it does have the sound, visuals and VFX which the small screen cannot do justice to.

    July 30, 17
  • Portrayal of a character who could be hated so much and later turn out to be a lovable character ! A rare feat in itself..
    McConaughey at its best !

    July 25, 17
  • (+)
    Thoughtfully built up tale between good and evil.
    Though few in number, nice subtle humor when least expected.
    Gal Gadot proves she’s just not a pretty face but a trained action figure.

    Action scenes quite look like what you’ve already seen in other movies of Zack Snyder directed movies, you would know what I mean if you’ve seen 300 and Man of Steel
    Slightly poor creations of evil characters, they never send any chills up the spine. The movies end as welll as the end of evil would be more satisfying if it were.

    July 24, 17