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Diana is a 2013 biographical drama film, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, about the last two years of the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. Wikipedia

Diana Reviews


Like the cheap tabloids that routinely peddled salacious tidbits of her alleged private life, this film too is a hack job.

Anupama Chopra


Diana is an inexplicably bland portrait of an extraordinarily dramatic life. It takes some talent to make Lady Di boring.

Rashid Irani
Hindustan Times


A spectacularly misjudged biopic about the late Princess of Wales, Diana spans the last two years of her life leading up to the car crash in which she died. The atrocious script is infinitely quotable, dropping as it does clunker after clunker.

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


If you are fine with seeing Diana as the 'needy' woman solely looking for love, living in suffocating secrecy, you may like the film. If you expect to revisit the aura of mystery surrounding her, you will be disappointed.

A huge royal mess, Diana is easily one of the worst biographical work brought alive on the big screen. Diana's private life has ample fodder to make a Sidney Sheldon book set, but a film based on her life neither engages us on a cerebral level, nor titillates with shades of gossip! Instead it becomes a sort of parody demeaning and mutilating every little memory we have of one of the 'princess of hearts'.

Rohit Khilnani
India Today


Naomi Watts does her bit but falls short in portraying someone as strong and popular as Diana. All credit goes to the hair and makeup department who give her the perfect look. Diana is not a bad film but the problem is the Princess of Wales deserves a lot better.

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


The dialogues are not particularly sparkling and the romance may seem a bit trite, since there is no concrete evidence of how exactly it unfolded. Her differences with Prince Charles and her skirmishes with the Royal family are completed avoided, but the way the story unfolds, I didn’t miss that. One way to savour this film is to enjoy what is being served rather than look out for what is missing. Naomi Watts in the lead role has expectedly done good job. Even though you might hear mixed views about the film, I suggest you see it for yourself and decide.

The script itself acts as a ruthless stalker, uneasy with its own probing. It does little to convey either the perfection or imperfection of its subject. Unfortunately, it does not reveal anything about the enigmatic Diana, but manages instead to portray her as a tepidly manipulative and scheming woman, who fed the media with photographs taken with Dodi Fayed.

German filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel’s biopic Diana takes the basic facts of the British royal’s post-divorce years, puts them through the dry-cleaner and then whips them on the washing stone to make sure that no blemishes or stains survive.

Audience Reviews for Diana

  • Neonika
    27 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    To begin with, the chemistry between the lead pair is cringeworthy at best. And when that's the premise of your film, it's a major problem. The love affair that was probably the best kept secret of the princess' life, appears lop-sided, nearly one-sided for the most part. Maybe it was off limits for the filmmakers, but the lack of any deeper insight into the future queen's final struggles with the Buckingham palace adds to the film's unsatisfactory feel. However, it does throw light on the humanity and vulnerability of the people labeled as 'royalty', and that things can be very different from what they appear.

    A+ for hair, make-up and costume design, although it doesn't quite guise the fact that Naomi Watts is almost a decade older than Diana was at that time. Nevertheless, she does an excellent job portraying the most famous woman of the 20th century. It's a shame the movie couldn't do her the same kind of justice and takes liberties embellishing (and tainting for the sake of drama) a very personal story.

    November 14, 14