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Shattered by the brutal murder of her daughter, A distraught mother takes justice into her own hands and seeks vengeance by fighting the system.Wikipedia

Maatr Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


Crass, cringe-inducing and downright sordid, this Raveena Tandon rape-and-revenge thriller makes you ask just one question -- who writes this stuff?

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


Ultimately, Raveena alone couldn’t save a thin storyline, and Maatr is just another run-of-the-mill revenge saga.

Rohit Bhatnagar
Deccan Chronicle


Raveena Tandon pumps in so much life into the film that it is her performance that steals the show.

In a performance marked by amazing maturity and restraint, the actress conveys the dark, brooding and internal process of recuperating from grief and finding closure.It's obvious she feels strongly about Maatr's theme and her sturdy ambition is the only thing that holds your interest even when the film does not.

Subtleties and nuances are obviously beyond Maatr. It deals solely in broad strokes. No matter how much slack you are willing to cut this film, it will still need some more in order to have its glaring gaps glossed over. It's never easy to disguise a garbage dump.

Meena Iyer
Times Of India


Raveena is sincere as the victim who sullies her hands to get justice. But, the amount of bloodshed, leaves you asking, what is worse. Are the images of rape gorier, or is the bloodshed of the perpetrators of the crime, grosser?

Raveena Tandon, in her first full-fledged movie role in six years, is the other saving grace. She is hardly known for her acting prowess, but makes a sincere attempt in “Maatr” to depict the agony of a mother in the throes of guilt and grief.

Suhani Singh
India Today


Maatr despite the gravity of the theme is a subpar drama. The film would have been more effective if the mawkish, flashback-heavy songs were skipped. Maatr is a missed opportunity to make a powerful statement against India's poor track record in dispensing justice and tackling violence against women. Revenge is a dish best served cold; in Maatr it's crass and oddly flat too.

Maatr doesn’t wow you because of the story’s repetitive nature. Thanks to Raveena Tandon’s balanced act, the film makes up for an average watch.


MAATR starring Raveena Tandon just pretends to make a social statement about rape and revenge and in reality struggles even to be a routine escapist film that does nothing significant for anyone involved. MAATR (motherhood) is Maatr (just) an addition to the list of Bollywood run of the mill badla saga - See more at: http://www.glamsham.com/movies/reviews/maatr-movie-review.asp#sthash.M2tyXNs0.dpuf

Manisha Lakhe


Maatr is a predictable revenge story that completely ignores the trauma and social stigma that is usually attached to rape victims regardless of their social class. The subject is handled so ham-handedly, you cringe at the mistakes and wish they'd stop making rape an easy subject.

Bollywood Life
Bollywood Life


The film has its fair share of drawbacks and rides mostly on the performances of its lead cast especially Raveena Tandon and Madhur Mittal’s. Despite being a bumpy ride, film somehow sails through as it gives the culprits involved the poetic justice and you as a viewer and part of Vidyas journey, a satisfaction. Watch it for its performances and the story.



Maatr is a raw and powerful tale that is crisply told albeit a tad fictionalised.

Reviewer Profile


Maatr is watchable solely for Raveena Tandon's shining performance as a wronged woman who doesn't mind staining her hands with the blood of her perpetrators who inflicted her with a life-scarring incident. It scores high on intention but unfortunately falls short of being a hard-hitting film.

Audience Reviews for Maatr

  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
    126 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Maatr, a film by Ashtar Sayed, focuses on one of the most sensitive topic i.e. rape and revenge. This is also Raveena Tandon’s comeback film. Certainly Maatr as a women-centric film had tremendous potential but the whole effort falters. A lot of films in the past have handled this subject and that is why it becomes all the more important that how the subject is being differently handled in Maatr. The film certainly begins on a high note but 15 minutes into the film, the whole screenplay goes for a toss. It becomes very much predictable, clichéd. The whole revenge saga looks very superficial. It is appreciable that the intention of the film is to highlight and raise voice against the heinous crimes prevalent in our society, atrocities against women, but execution falters badly. The film has nothing new to offer.

    Vidya Chauhan (Raveena Tandon) is a school teacher. It is a function in the school where her daughter Tia (Alisha Khan) is performing. After the programme, on their way back home, they get trapped in traffic and take different route to get rid of traffic. But a wrong turn brings their lives up and down. Apurva Malik (Madhur Mittal, Slumdog Millionaire fame) and his group of boys gang-rape Vidya and Ritu. Both of them are dumped on the road. Vidya survives but Tia gives up. Vidya’s friend Ritu (Divya Jagdale) stand with Vidya during this crisis. Ravi, Vidya’s husband (Rushad Rana), is unable to deal with Ritu’s death.

    The story proceeds further to show the revenge saga, the fights against the powerful and evil elements of the society, but things are handled very superficially. Everything turns out to be in favour of Vidya when she single handedly puts up her fight against the powerful. She seems to be at the right place at right time, which is so unreal. Besides, Vidya is shown to effortlessly use revolver overnight.

    As far as the cast is concerned, we have seen much better performance from Raveena Tandon. Anurag Arora as Inspector Jayant Shroff is good. Rest of the actors Rishad Rana and Divya Jagdale have given average performances. Probably the screenplay needs to be blamed.

    Maatr is a film with the right intention to highlight and raise voice against the heinous crimes prevalent in our society, atrocities against women; but the execution falters badly. The film has nothing new to offer. It becomes very much predictable, clichéd. The whole revenge saga looks very superficial.

    April 24, 17