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Sex Tape

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Sex Tape is a story about two kids, Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz), who after 10 years together, try to put some spice back in their relationship by making a sex tape. The recording leaks and the couple struggles to get it back.Wikipedia

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The problem with Sex Tape is that it's neither particularly funny nor raunchy enough to satisfy anyone seeking any of these things. What it is, unfortunately, is a shameless and relentless promotional reel for Apple products. After a while you lose count of how just many times they reference the iPad, the iCloud, and Siri.

Raja Sen


It isn't awful, there are laughs, but it's nothing you'd remember or recommend. Then again, since when do we recommend sex tapes in the first place?

Overall, this much-anticipated Sex Tape, which seemed promising, is a big letdown.

Rohit Khilnani
India Today


There are some funny moments but just some! Once the film starts, almost everything is predictable. The acting is over the top because the film turns out to be so silly. There is little the actors can do to save this film.Sex Tape is neither funny and nor is it sexy!


The film tells a rather predictable story, with the sex tape factor coming into play merely as a tool to trigger off the chain of events that comprises the narrative.

I tip my hat to director Jake Kasdan for filming such a plot point. It’s mindboggling and, in fact, quite fascinating to just sit through and observe the thunderstorm of stupidity unfolding on screen.

Juhi Matta


All things considered, Sex Tape is a film you can watch on a lazy evening with friends. The stories, the remarks and the hilarity that ensues among your group will make you laugh harder than any joke in the film. However, if you go in expecting a saucy rom-com, you’re going to be disappointed.

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