• On the whole, Shankarabharanam is good only in bits and pieces. A dragged out first half, slow narration and some below par execution of crucial scenes spoil the effect most of the time. Having said that, you can try this film only for its unique story line and Pruthvi’s comedy punches here and there.

  • ‘Rough’ is a below par mass entertainer which lacks an interesting story line. Aadi’s performance and a few emotional scenes here and there are the only saving grace in this film which is quite outdated and boring.

  • Jai Hind 2 is an out and out Arjun film right till the end. Be it his acting, stunts or direction, he handles every department convincingly. But an extended run time, forced comedy track and tedious first half an hour stops this film from becoming an complete action entertainer. Finally, all those who love serious films with a social message will end up liking this one.

  • …is no way close to the original. But what works for this film is the stunning music and superb production values. If you go in without expectations and Aashique 2 in mind, you might end up bearing this typical multiplex kind of a film.

  • On the whole Nuvvala and Nenila is yet another outdated and boring romance from Varun Sandesh. Films like these will never bring him back in form. Other than Poorna’s decent performance, this film has absolutely nothing new in it. You can safely ignore it.

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