• Traffic is a disappointing movie which fails to justify the true events. Boring, lengthy and more focused on a drama rather than the core topic of organ transplant in traffic conditions. Apart from Manoj Bajpayee’s sharp performance, the film has nothing to offer.

  • Love Games is a good concept gone downhill with its exaggerated conclusion and ordinary performances by the leads. The movie fails to satisfy the thrill of sensuality as well as the romance.

  • Ki And Ka is a brave attempt to bring in the issue of a gender role reversal but the story fails to keep you engaged. The film never reaches a conclusion of the concept and loses its focus. Despite the impressive performances by the leads, the movie simply disappoints.

  • Batman vs Superman is a thrilling tale of a rivalry between the two superheroes, trapped in justifying their heroic deeds. Their face-off battle is exceptional with a justified storyline but lacks a powerful impact. I hate to say this but I was disappointed with the movie.

  • Rocky Handsome is an action packed movie of a person who wants save a little girl from a drug mafia as his ultimate redemption. Unfortunately, it only has great action scenes and nothing else. Weak storyline combined with an ordinary execution.

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