• We have always been a fan of Richa Chadha’s acting and in Main Aur Charles too, the actress has tried delivering her best. Randeep Hooda is fatally charming as Sobhraj and this movie becomes worth watching because of him and English Vinglish fame actor Adil Hussain.

  • ‘Aisa Yeh Jahaan’ tries to convey too many things at the same times. It’s a socio-environmental film that focuses on life and survival. We don’t know if you will take home the messages this movie is trying to covey but we can certainly vouch for the fact that you would pack up your bag soon to plan for a trip to Assam.

  • It is a bad film with everything bad in it.

  • Either we have become so gutsy that scary movies don’t haunt us anymore, or Bollywood moviemakers are not coming up with such creepy and eerie movies that can at least give us goosebumps. After watching ‘Khamoshiya’ we seriously need to dwell on the fact that the storyline of all these scary movies have become so redundant that it is more of a déjà vu everytime.

  • While the plot is predictable, credible actors play their part extremely well and lift the script to a whole new level.

  • Luke Evans as Vlad The Impaler is fabulous and has a sex appeal. Sarah Gadon and Dominic Cooper has also played their part well. But director Gary Shore fails to recreate the same Dracula magic that the other movies have.

  • The film is a bad attempt to display the emotions of friendship and love in its true sense. You would rather concentrate on munching your popcorn because the movie has nothing unique to catch one’s attention. It is recommended only for those who want to watch this movie just for the heck of it.

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