• Love is painful, everyone has heard that. But `Hamari Adhuri Kahani` is even more painful. Painful to your mind and soul. And if this is the `adhuri` kahaani`, I dread to think what would happen if the makers wanted to show the entire story.

  • Apart from Ranbir’s conviction as a suave goon, a fierce lover – don’t go expecting too much from it.

  • `Roy` does have quintessential element of a Bollywood story – betrayal, love, conspiracy, emotion – but it fails to come out.

    So, for the weekend, go for `Roy` on Valentine’s Day if you want to be left bored and wondering about what you just watched.

  • The movie indeed is a combination of entertainment, humour, glamour, wit and perfect comic relief with a message that is shown throughout the movie. It is bound to compel you to ponder and question certain myths.

    `PK` has enough substance to keep you hooked to your seats for the entire run time. If you find your attention wavering in the first half, the second half of the movie will put your doubts to rest. The story only gets interesting and picks up pace towards the end.

  • By Bollywood standards, the movie has enough fodder to hook and book you to your seats for two hours. Three stars for `Kill Dil`! And if you are a movie-buff then go home humming `kakakakaka ..Kill Kill….dadada Dill Dil…`!

  • Direction is good, and the storyline and plot is average. The dialogues are apt and to an extent the humour also strikes the right note with the audiences. Though there is nothing new in the script, but it is served with a whiff of fresh air.

  • You can go back home basking in pride knowing about ‘Magnificient’ Mary and only wish the country would be more supportive to these superstars who are fighting against all odds, to make India proud.

    An extra star for the fighting spirit of Priyanka Chopra as MC Mary Kom.

  • What it lacks is a strong plot for an erotic thriller. The film is certainly not high on sex as it`s trailer and posters promised. Dialogues are crisp and not unnecessarily burdened. The story line is quite stale and script quite illogical. Apart from that the story is quite overdone and predictable. Quite a disappointing thriller as it fails to keep you engaged.

  • Watch out for `Humpty..` this weekend, if you are a die-hard fan of rom-coms – a lot of fun awaits you.

  • One cannot predict how the movie fares at the Box Office, but it is not a movie worth wasting money on as neither the storyline not the characters are entertaining. But watch the movie only if you have no other choice left this weekend.

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