• Some films successfully defy categorization. The King’s Speech (2010) director Tim Hopper’s The Danish Girl is such one. It is more than the Danish artist Einar Wegener’s biopic, or his gradual transformation to the girl inside her – Lili Elbe. It is not a love story, between the couple – Einar and Gerda Wegener, although a striking love story is embedded in the narrative. It is more than a simple story on sexuality too.

  • Masaan is not for the urban, educated audience who enjoyed Labour of Love—another brilliant piece of expressions. Masaan is not eclectic. It is to be seen how this film connects to Indian people across economic classes, education or locality.

  • This film tries to show a life in excess, through snapshots. It connects beautifully in today’s age of mass commodification, where everything sells. The price that a sold-out life has to pay may be death. Probably this is why today’s generation of music lovers flock to watch their own dream in theatres. Amy, indeed, works as a mirror.

  • One-time Watch. Good for film school students for their first dialogue exercise.

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